Friday, January 4th 2013

Qualcomm StreamBoost Technology to Optimize Performance and Capacity of Home Networks

Qualcomm Incorporated today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., introduced StreamBoost technology for Wi-Fi routers and gateways. By intelligently managing a home's broadband connection, Qualcomm StreamBoost gives each device and each application the bandwidth it needs to ensure the best possible experiences in the connected home.

In conjunction with this introduction, Alienware and D-Link Systems, Inc. will be demonstrating StreamBoost routers based on Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac technology for Gigabit-class Wi-Fi at International CES. StreamBoost routers will be available to consumers this spring at e-commerce and retail outlets in North America, Europe and Asia.

Currently, the average home connects up to seven devices to the Internet, and this number is expected to grow considerably in the next five years. Due to limited bandwidth, users are increasingly frustrated by the effects of network congestion: streaming movies freeze, gaming sessions lag, and online surfing slows. While the new 802.11ac standard was designed to address increasingly crowded networks, StreamBoost technology combined with 802.11ac takes networking to the next level. While Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac provides up to 1.3 Gbps PHY rate of Wi-Fi capacity, Qualcomm StreamBoost provides a superior connected experience to users of all devices on a home network by managing and shaping traffic, and giving each connected device and application the priority and bandwidth required for optimal performance.

"StreamBoost provides users with advanced control over their home networks to enable the first truly smart, connected homes," said Frank Azor , general manager, Alienware. "This technology will provide gamers with a more reliable and better performing online gaming experience, whether there are two, 12 or 20 devices using the network simultaneously."

Qualcomm StreamBoost also incorporates an opt-in, cloud-based service that continually increases the intelligence of the router, allowing new applications and devices to be identified and optimally managed as they are added to a network. StreamBoost's interface makes understanding and using routers more intuitive than ever before. For the first time, users can view all computers, tablets, phones and other connected devices on the home's network-as well as the applications they are using, and the real-time bandwidth usage of each application and device-on one easy-to-use StreamBoost interface.

"Our goal at D-Link is to ensure each consumer has the best possible online experience," said Dan Kelley , associate vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. "StreamBoost gives us a way to make sure every person using the network will have an optimal experience, regardless of application usage."

"The explosion of media enjoyed on a variety of devices presents a conflict in the home network," said Dan Rabinovitsj , senior vice president and general manager, networking business unit, Qualcomm Atheros. "Web surfing competes with streaming video, video chat competes with games, and downloads compete with everything. In the practical use case of a connected home, bandwidth will always be limited, but intelligent network management helps address this. We created Qualcomm StreamBoost to recognize and optimally allocate network traffic, providing users with the best Internet performance possible on all connected devices-right out of the box."

Qualcomm Atheros will be demonstrating VIVE 802.11ac router products and StreamBoost technology in the Qualcomm exhibit at 2013 International CES in Las Vegas on January 8-11 (LVCC, South Hall 3 - 30313). Qualcomm Atheros will also demonstrate StreamBoost technology at ShowStoppers on January 8 in the Lafite Ballroom at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas. D-Link will demonstrate its new StreamBoost router at the Venetian in the San Polo Meeting Room (#3402) during CES.
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Hardware accelerated qos?
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Super XP
This sounds great, but all this inter-connectivity and also having the whole world knowing what you do on a daily basis is nuts. Personally I don't like this environment where companies are pushing to have every single electronic device you own networked and therefore tracked. Bye Bye Privacy.
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I don't know about this software but I for one won't be using a Wi-Fi network any time soon. Based on personal experience I also would never again own a D-Link product.

Most people are very naive when it comes to PC/data security. Wi-Fi is a huge security risk. If you don't know what: "wardriving" is, look it up. Then have someone drive you around with a laptop with Wi-Fi and see how many Wi-Fi unprotected homes/businesses that you find in your neighborhood. Then maybe you'll understand the problem.
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Wardriving is only a potential problem, and security issue, if you're entering passwords while logged into unencrypted network connections... that's not a technological problem that is a 'meat-ware' problem, to put it somewhat politely.
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Jul 7th, 2022 00:33 EDT change timezone

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