Monday, January 28th 2013

Tranquil PC Outs Cases for Intel NUC

British silent PC maker Tranquil PC released passive-cooled all-aluminum cases for Intel's NUC (next unit of computing) form-factor, the NUC-BY (for Intel D33217CK board) and NUC-YE (for Intel D33217GKE). Both models measure 110 x 164 x 47 mm each, their bodies are ridged to double up as heatsinks for the CPU, PCH, and other hot components on the system board. The company claims the aerospace-grade aluminum used keeps the CPU 5 to 15 °C cooler than even the reference fan-cooled case. Both cases are priced at £99.00 ($156).

Source: FanlessTech
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Seriously though, I like it if I were going to get one.
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The Von Matrices
I don't understand the layout. Presumably, the power button is on the back to made the front sleeker, but then there is a USB port on the front that ruins the sleek look. Why not just put the power button on the front and make life easier for the users, or put the USB port on the back so that the sleek aesthetic is kept? With such a small case it's (presumably) not hard to reach around the back to access the power button or plug in a USB device then why is a USB port needed on the front anyway?

edit:I found out that the board has a "front" USB port soldered onto it, so that can't be changed in the case. I still ask the question of why the power button is on the back though.
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It's because the USB port on the front is soldered onto the PCB, whereas the power button isn't...

Doh, if I'd actually just bothered reading your entire post before replying... :o

I guess they don't expect you to power it off, ever :p
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Long term thermal performance

Anybody used this case running the board at 100% cpu for extended periods of time ?

any cpu temp creep ?
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Maybe they'll come out with a model that's a couple cm deeper, so that front USB port is blocked off. Otherwise it's really murdering the aesthetics.
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I agree it would be much nicer to have a cleaner front.
As its basically a nice big heatsink, just make it bigger, maybe route the port around the back ?:)
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