Wednesday, February 20th 2013

QNAP Launches New Business-Class 12-drive Rackmount Turbo NAS TS-1269U-RP

QNAP Systems, Inc. today officially launched its latest business-class 12-drive rackmount Turbo NAS TS-1269U-RP. Featuring blazingly fast performance and well-rounded designs to ensure system reliability and rich business applications, the TS-1269U-RP is designed to fulfill mission-critical storage needs of small and medium businesses with maximum system uptime.

The TS-1269U-RP is equipped with a Dual-core Intel Atom 2.13 GHz processor, dual Gigabit LAN ports, and 2GB DDR3 RAM, delivering excellent performance to match up with the needs of running performance-driven applications concurrently in nowadays business environments. With 4TB hard drives installed, the TS-1269U-RP can hold up to 48TB of raw storage capacity. "QNAP's internal testing shows that both writing and reading speeds in typical Windows environments can achieve up to 220 MB/sec in network trunking mode," said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP.
Business continuity is backed with comprehensive reliability designs of the TS-1269U-RP, including advanced RAID management, redundant power supply, 512MB DOM with dual system OS that ensures successful system boot-up, dual LAN ports providing network failover, and hot-swappable support for SSD, SATA 6Gb/s 3.5" and 2.5" drives. It also features key lock on hard disk trays for enhanced security.

The TS-1269U-RP, certified with Windows Server 2012, is an ideal centralized storage solution for SMBs with large number of users. It allows cross-platform file sharing for Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX users. The Windows AD and LDAP directory services enable the IT administrator to retrieve user accounts from Windows AD or LDAP-based directory server and assign access rights to the Turbo NAS, greatly reducing time and effort in account setup. The Windows ACL (Access Control List) feature offers sophisticated shared folder permission settings which simplify IT management in privilege control.

Being certified by major virtualization solutions in the market, the TS-1269U-RP is proven to be a reliable storage unit for server virtualization via iSCSI/IP-SAN deployment. It supports VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V. Being certified with VMware Ready for ESXi 5, the TS-1269U-RP supports both vSphere 4 and vSphere 5.

The TS-1269U-RP offers flexible backup solutions, supporting Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) for real-time or scheduled data replication, backup to cloud storage including Amazon S3, ElephantDrive, Symform and Google Drive, and third-party backup software such as Veeam Backup & Replication and Acronis True Image. Windows users and Mac users can use QNAP NetBak Replicator utility and Apple Time Machine respectively to easily back up data to the TS-1269U-RP.

The TS-1269U-RP has built-in Surveillance Station Pro. Compatible with over 1,400 IP cameras, it's easy to build up an IP-based surveillance solution to safeguard the environment. Without additional software installation, the IP camera live-view, recording, and playback are all done on web browsers. The VMobile app for iOS and Android devices enables on-the-go operations.

The new TS-1269U-RP Turbo NAS is currently available.
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7 Comments on QNAP Launches New Business-Class 12-drive Rackmount Turbo NAS TS-1269U-RP

When something is going to cost upwards of EUR 5000+ then I'd really like to see a ULV OoO processor, not just an Atom. The problem with Atoms is they are pretty limited in what services you can run on them... vanilla NAS is OK, but throw an image processing workflow or a database or a webserver process, and it will crawl.
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I never really understood the application for this kind of NAS. If you need this much storage generally speaking you are going to be looking at much more high-end and scalable SAN products.

Obviously there is a niche for this kind of thing somewhere. If someone could enlighten me here I would be appreciative.
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Don't have any numbers on hand, but I wouldn't call it a niche. I've talked with friends who are technical consultants and there's a significant number of SMBs without IT staff (or they do have IT staff, but still buy through consultants). Either way consultants don't like to build from scratch, they buy turnkey systems so they're not the last leg in the support chain.

I do agree that if a business needed it fully loaded from the start, then it probably isn't the right solution. There are use cases to the contrary, but a general purpose storage device like this will be initially purchased with 3-4 drives.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
It's about $2400. Doesn't seem terrible, but wow!
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For $2400 that seems very viable for SMB's. Considering the comparable cost and overhead of a standard storage server. Though the CPU would be a potential bottleneck for a number of applications. For mass storage though, this could be a nice product.
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QNAP obviously isnt taking the EU market seriously, or we wouldnt be seeing prices like this:

At that price, sorry, the Atom is a laughable choice. For $60 more, ie less than 1% increase in cost, it could have been a ULV OoO CPU offering 3-5x the performance. Remember the QNAP firmware offers webserver etc. If I'm spending $9000 on SMB storage that is webserver capable that YES I want it to be able to server at least LAN based web services, and probable remote FTP etc. But we all know an Atom is going to struggle whereas a ULV OoO would handle it fine.

Atom is a great little x86 for solutions under $1000. But not for $10000 solutions.
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You don't have to apologize to us for your stance, that price is horrid. Over here it would be $4200 USD ($2400 + $1800 in drives) which is more palatable.

Perhaps it's a combination of QNAP and that store? QNAP may not have strict pricing guidelines in place so CompNet jacks up the price before more stores start carrying it.
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