Tuesday, March 12th 2013

Scythe Announces Kama Bay Amp Pro 5.25-inch 2-DIN Amplifier for PCs

Japanese manufacturer Scythe today officially announcing the availability of the flagship amplifier Kama Bay Amp Pro. With the new Kama Bay Amp Pro Scythe was able to make a big step forward in terms of functionality and usability. Like the earlier models this flagship model can be both used on its own and inside a common PC chassis, fitting inside the 5,25 inch bays (occupying two 5,25 inch bays). It is furthermore featuring a brand new infrared remote control as well as a front USB port, allowing media devices such as MP3 players or Smartphones to be charged.

Kama Bay Amp Pro is drawing its power from a powerful MAXIM MAX 98400A IC, enabling a continuous max. output of 24 watts per channel at 8 Ω (48 W total). At the same time a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz can be covered by the new flagship. High energy efficiency was one of the key targets when designing the new amplifier, alongside with maximum functionality. Analog signals are fed in from the back side, using one of the three RCA connectors or from the front, using a 3,5 mm Mini-Plug. Users are able to switch between the four separate source channels conveniently. All RCA connectors and speaker terminals (support banana plugs) are gold plated to prevent rust, which leads to better conductivity.
Scythe engineers designed the Kama Bay Amp Pro amplifier classy and elegantly. Whole chassis is painted in black color. Elements such as buttons and knobs as well as some corners received a special silver finish. Additional visual highlights are the two analog meters which apply a retro touch to the classy design. Users are able to choose between total of 7 colors for the background illumination. In addition it is possible to completely shut down the illumination, if necessary. Directly beneath the analog meters, all the main control elements are located. Grid knobs have been used for treble, bass and volume control to assure convenient handling.

The Class D amplifier is powered by the supplied AC adapter and comes with a special PCI bracket for use inside a PC chassis. Furthermore, all required cables and connectors are supplied with the Kama Bay Amp Pro. Scythe Kro Craft speakers are a perfect match for the amplifier. Thanks to the amplifiers high output and efficiency it is possible to get the full potential of the Kro Craft speakers!

Scythe Kama Bay Amp Pro (item no. SDAR-3000) is available as of today for 84,00 EUR (excluding tax and VAT).
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Something I quickly appreciated when dealing with things like this are slots to accommodate the bay supports, like this..

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And here I thought Thermaltake cornered the market on "weird and cool stuff you can do with your 5.25-inch bays".
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Ferrum Master
It is horrid in every aspect I look at. Blasphemy.
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no way man, this thing is great for someone who has a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and wants some (mid lvl) quality audio....:rockout: On more than one occasion ive found myself wishing car audio used the 5.25 format

and that poll needs another option

"Which rig???"
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
badtaylorxno way man, this thing is great for someone who has a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and wants some (mid lvl) quality audio....:rockout:
Take a look at his avatar to understand where he's coming from.:toast:
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Save the cash and get a proper amp.
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This stuff is for people who don't know any better...
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I read that the recommended speakers are the Scythe Kro Craft that are only about 50 Euro. Supposedly a combo pack of both amp & a pair of speakers is available for 100 Euro.

Surprisingly good review on speakers here:


(BTW - I use KRK Rokit 6 Gen2 bi-amped near-field studio monitors and a Behringer Xenyx 502 mixer on my Creative X-Fi Titanium Pro for a relatively budget setup...)
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