Wednesday, April 3rd 2013

NZXT Teams Up With Steelseries and XSplit

From its earliest beginnings, NZXT has created forward-thinking products with both enthusiasts and gamers in mind. Because of this, PC gaming has grown central to the development of the NZXT culture over the years. Now, NZXT is proud to announce its partnership with Steelseries and XSplit to enhance the gaming experience of its loyal customers with a special eSports package. For a limited time, all Phantom 630 purchases made through the NZXT Armory Store will receive a FREE eSports package.

Available now for $179.99, the Phantom 630 is engineered to satisfy the needs of the most extreme gaming and enthusiast builds. With unrivaled customization, cable management and liquid cooling capabilities, the Phantom 630 is the ultimate chassis for the high performance gamer. Included in the eSports package is a 30% off coupon from Steelseries. This coupon takes 30% off your entire order from the Steelseries online store. As an official sponsor for some of the best gaming teams in the world, Steelseries has become a leading manufacturer of game winning peripherals and accessories.
Additionally, the package also includes a 3-Month Premium XSplit License. Used by pro gamers from all around the world, XSplit is one of the premier broadcasting solutions for video game streaming.

With an XSplit premium license and gaming gear from NZXT and Steelseries, you can build the ultimate battle station and game like a true pro.

This offer is only valid for US customers purchasing through the NZXT Armory Store.
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2 Comments on NZXT Teams Up With Steelseries and XSplit

Gaming Moderator
So much marketing crap talk. The case is nice, and the steelseries voucher is only worth it if you're looking to buy steelseries gear (i would assume a headset considering theyre pushing this xsplit nonsense.), and let's not forget the point in that 3 month voucher is to make people buy the damn thing after the 3 months are up.
I just cant see this being an offer appealing to a large quantity of people...
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Not worth it. XSplit is crap, just use OBS(which is free and no paid subscription model like XSplit) and the only decent things to buy at Steelseries are the headsets(which aren't worth the price IMO) and mousepads.
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