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NZXT Announces CRFT Mass Effect Puck

NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services today announces a new Puck in NZXT's CRFT series of fan-inspired licensed products based on the iconic space opera series, Mass Effect. This year NZXT is celebrating N7 Day in style. N7 day lands on November 7th each year and is aptly named after the Systems Alliance rank from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The NZXT Mass Effect Puck features the seal of the N7 special forces and designates each Puck owner's achievement of completing the training program of the highly sought-after special class. Not only is this special edition Puck a great way to showcase N7 Day pride, it's also a stylish way to store headsets, VR headsets, or cables magnetically on a PC case.

NZXT Announces BLD PC Building Kits

NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services today launches BLD Kit - a PC building kit that makes the experience of building a high-performance PC fun and achievable. Each BLD Kit box comes with everything needed to guide users through a PC building adventure— creating an experience perfect for families, first-timers, or for those who want an everything-in-one-place solution to building their own system.

The BLD Kit concept comes from years of user feedback, focus group builds, and a dedication to serving and growing the PC gaming community. Building a computer is a process that may seem daunting at first, but anyone can fall in love with it, with a little help and support. NZXT is also excited to announce that the limited-time NZXT GG sale for NZXT BLD is kicking off now. This 48-hour-only sale will have 10% off all custom PCs, pre-built PCs, and BLD Kits (US only) going from now until October 20th at 11:59pm.

Huge List of Close to 100 Upcoming Z690 Motherboards Leaks

If the amount of upcoming Z690 was anything to go by, one could presume that the motherboard makers are backing Intel's upcoming platform to the max, as a leaked list of what should be close to every Z690 that will hit the market, counts a total of 98 boards. The list covers ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, NZXT, Gigabyte and MSI, but not EVGA and some other smaller players.

ASUS is apparently planning no less than 30 different models/SKUs, since some are clearly DDR4/DDR5 SKUs of the same model or SKUs with or without Wi-Fi, but even so, that's a massive launch lineup. Gigabyte isn't far behind with 27, followed by MSI at 24 and ASRock at 14, if we didn't count wrong. There isn't much news in terms of details of each of the boards here though, but it's clear that the high-end SKUs are mostly DDR5, while the mid-range and standard models are mostly using DDR4. The only slight surprise here is that only ASRock has more DDR4 than DDR5 models, with ASUS having exactly half of each, but Gigabyte and MSI are going with a preference for DDR5. ASRock, ASUS and Gigabyte appear to have liquid cooled SKUs, but it's not clear if MSI will offer such a SKU of its Godlike board.

NZXT Announces C-Series Bronze PSUs

The new C Series Bronze power supplies offer stable and safe power to all types of builds. The new lineup of Bronze PSUs generates less heat, keeping your system running quietly and efficiently. Their reliable components make up a unit that is backed by a 5-year warranty—the NZXT C Series Bronze PSUs are here to get your build powered up without letting you down.

NZXT Refreshes Kraken Family of AIO CPU Coolers

NZXT announces the latest Kraken X, Kraken Z, and AER RGB 2 fans—n a sleek matte white. NZXT is taking the challenge out of achieving an all-white build. This family of white cooling products came directly from community feedback, allowing users to express themselves by giving them more options for the ideal build. The Kraken 120 has received some upgrades from previous models. It features an improved pump with a larger water reservoir, a refreshed look, and support for 5 V ARGB ecosystems.

NZXT Announces the Capsule USB Microphone and Boom Arm

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, announces the NZXT Capsule, a high-quality USB Microphone designed for streamers and gamers to sound their best with ease.

The NZXT Capsule is a cardioid microphone that focuses on giving you high-quality audio while minimizing background noise. Cleanly designed to sit on your desk with one polar pattern to give you the best sound right out of the box and with no software needed. Allowing you to clearly communicate with your friends during intense gaming sessions or while you stream to your adoring fans all while sounding your best.

ASRock & NZXT Intel Z690, H670, B660, and H610 Motherboards Listed

The lineup of 600-Series motherboards planned by ASRock and NZXT for the upcoming 12th Generation Intel Core Series of processors has recently been published by VideoCardz. While NZXT has only two high-end Z590 motherboards listed with them being the N5-Z69XT, and the N7-Z69XT, ASRock has 36 listed across all the Z690, H670, B660, and H610 chipsets. The Z690 chipset will serve as the flagship platform for high-performance and overclocking while the H670 and B660 will take the mid-range and the H610 for entry-level boards. The list does not contain any Taichi, Aqua, or OC Formula series boards from ASRock as those may not be ready for day-one release or are still under active development.

ASRock will offer several of their motherboards in two variants with one offering integrated WiFi 6E networking, they also have an ITX option for each chipset. Intel is expected to announce their 12th Generation Core Series processors and Z690 chipset in late 2021 with the remaining chipsets to be announced at CES 2022. The entire list of motherboards from the two companies can be found below.

NZXT Expands its Streaming PC and H1 Mini PC Series of Prebuilt Gaming PCs

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces that they are expanding their lines of streaming and H1 Mini PC's to include a Base, Plus, and Pro version of each system which allows for gamers and content creators to get a gaming PC that suits their budget and processing power needs, quickly shipped within two days.

The Streaming PC series is specifically designed to give streamers the proper hardware for an optimized experience right out of the box. The new Streaming PC Pro comes with a Ryzen 5 5600x and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 which gives streamers enough power to play their favorite games and stream their favorite games for $2999. While the Streaming PC and Streaming PC Plus offer different levels of GPUs for content creators for different needs and budgets.

NZXT Announces the N7 Z590 Motherboard

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces the release of the NZXT N7 Z590 motherboard, their latest Intel-based ATX motherboard with both the features and seamless aesthetic that builders love.

The NZXT N7 Z590 brings the sleek design and simplified building experience to Intel's newest chipset, supporting Intel's 11th generation Rocket Lake CPUs, PCIe gen 4, and the latest wireless connectivity standards which includes Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth V5.1. Community feedback was the inspiration for adding additional rear I/O, as well as improved thermal performance with more power phases and layers to the printed circuit board.

NZXT Announces CRFT 08 H510 Valhalla Case

NZXT, a leading designer of intuitive software, hardware, and services, announces a partnership with Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and services to bring fans the CRFT 08 H510 Valhalla - a case truly worthy of a Viking raider. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the critically acclaimed game from Ubisoft that follows the story of Eivor, a Viking raider. Explore the beautiful open-world as you lead epic raids, conquer the broken kingdoms of England, and establish a new settlement for your clan to earn your place in Valhalla.

Available to purchase today, this limited-edition PC case takes inspiration from Norse mythology and pays homage to the gods through unique art design and features. An exclusive puck designed like Eivor's shield for headphone cable management and a charm designed to look like Eivor's brooch is included to adorn your rig with the spirit of a warrior. The CRFT 08 H510 Valhalla is the eighth limited-edition CRFT case to be released and the second in partnership with Ubisoft.

NZXT H1 PCIe Riser Replacement Kit Hands-On

In response to reports of the PCIe riser cable of its H1 case posing a fire hazard, NZXT in February 2021 instituted a recall of the case in the U.S. and Canada. The flaw in the component's design came to light in early-2020, but it was only by November that it responded to the issue. In its original design, the PCIe riser component was improperly grounded, and a short-circuit could result in a fire. NZXT's first response to this was sending out non-conductive Nylon screws for the users to replace the metal ones the part originally shipped with. This solution wasn't found to be effective, and resulted in a product recall this February. Regulators in the U.S. and Canada directed NZXT to send out free repair kits to existing owners of the H1, along with disposal instructions for the entire case, if the user wishes to discontinue use. We got our Repair Kit, and decided to go hands-on.

The NZXT Repair Kit, and replacement riser card appears to be one of the most solidly built PCIe risers in the market. Thanks to the crypto-mining boom, the market is flooded with PCIe risers of all shapes and sizes, and the NZXT riser looks to be among the better designed ones. What sets this apart from the original design is that now, the downstream (female end) of the riser comes with grounding rings around the mounting holes, similar to motherboards. These are bits of exposed copper that facilitate contact between the ground layer of the PCB, with the sheet-metal of the case. The original design lacked grounding pads on either side of the PCB, and when installed with metal screws, certain PCB traces could get shorted, causing them to heat up and start a fire. NZXT's first solution to this problem was non-conductive Nylon screws. End users with an H1 case, can request this riser cable from here.

NZXT Rolls Out the N7 B550 Socket AM4 Motherboard

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces the release of the NZXT N7 B550 motherboard, the first AMD motherboard in NZXT's N7 motherboard lineup. NZXT is expanding the N7 lineup to bring the sleek, seamless design of the N7 ATX motherboard to more gamers. The N7 B550 has optimally placed port locations, supports the latest technology like PCIe gen 4 and WiFi 6e, and gives PC builders the tools they need to create a beautifully modern build.

The N7 B550 includes key features from our RGB and Fan Controller, allowing intuitive control of four RGB lighting channels and seven fan channels through NZXT CAM. Lighting accessories from all manufacturers are supported. The metal cover is available in white or black for a seamless look that blends into the background of any NZXT H Series case for a clean aesthetic.

NZXT Recalls the H1 Case Across the U.S. and Canada

NZXT on Friday confirmed a total recall of its controversial H1 case across North America. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes this as a voluntary recall by the manufacturer in light of the fire hazard posed by the mounting mechanism of its PCIe riser, an issue that came to light early since the case's February 2020 release, but was acknowledged by the company by November. At the time, the company released a fix that included replacing metal screws in the mounting mechanism with non-conductive Nylon ones.

As of now, NZXT has halted sales of the H1, and instructed retailers to send back inventory. The CPSC press release notes that about 32,000 units were circulated in the U.S. market, in addition to 1,024 in Canada. Health Canada issued its own notification announcing the recall. Both authorities directed users to seek a free repair kit from NZXT for the affected products, and dispose of the case (under existing recycling/e-waste management guidelines), if the user wishes to discontinue use. Canadian Law prohibits re-sale or giving-away of the affected product in the second-hand market.

NZXT and RTFKT Announce Partnership

NZXT is proud to announce our partnership with RTFKT, a prominent studio in the creation of virtual and physical goods in the fashion space. NZXT and RTFKT share a common goal of empowering content creators to bring their visions to virtual life. RTFKT allows artists to use their network of powerful computers to render their digital goods and share them with people all over the world. Their artists have caused us to question the very nature of reality with their viral digital creations, which include digital sneaker renders across a variety of brands.

NZXT provided RTFKT with powerful computers using the building expertise of NZXT BLD which will help content creators with both CPU and GPU intensive tasks. They will continue to create content and experiences using the augmented reality tools powered by RTFKT and machines curated by NZXT. "RTFKT's commitment to empowering their passionate community aligns with our dedication to serving the PC gaming community," says Justin Nguyen, Vice President of Marketing at NZXT. "We're excited that we can partner with RTFKT and their community to help their incredible creations come to virtual life."

NZXT Releases Third Generation Internal USB Hub

NZXT, today announces their newest iteration of their internal USB hub. The new NZXT Internal USB Hub improves over the previous generation by adding an additional internal USB 2.0 port for expanded connectivity and replaces its power source from Molex to SATA power. Its compact size, built-in magnets, and included 3M double-sided tape allows for an easy installation in tight spaces in any chassis. All of this gives builders the confidence that they will have enough Internal USB ports on their motherboards for components such as the NZXT Kraken Z53, NZXT RGB and Fan Controller, and NZXT E850 Digital PSU.

NZXT Scrambles to Fix a Safety Issue with the H1 Case

NZXT responded to customer complaints about a safety issue with its H1 small form-factor case, which it released in February, 2020. Apparently, the two screws that hold down the PCIe riser assembly to the chassis may cause an electrical short-circuit, and poses a potential fire hazard, although the company mentions that this event has a "a low probability [of] occurrence." NZXT on Saturday (November 28, 2020) released a statement in which it mentions that fewer than ten H1 cases in circulation have been affected by the issue as of the statement date. The company has stopped shipments of the H1, and asked retailers to pause its sales.

NZXT says that it is working closely with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and similar authorities around the globe to dispense information to end-users, as well as promptly dispatch remedies. NZXT recommends that end-users power down their H1 case to be absolutely sure of safety, until the company can send a screw replacement and repair kit to remedy the issue. This kit contains a set of replacement screws for the PCIe riser assembly, that correct the problem, and materials that enable end-users to repair their cases at home. We've added contact details to NZXT below.

NZXT Expands its Kraken AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Line

NZXT, a leading designer of intuitive software, hardware, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces an expansion of the Kraken X-3 RGB and Kraken Z53 expanding their existing line of AIO liquid CPU coolers. The NZXT Kraken X-3 family will introduce a new variant that will include NZXT AER RGB 2 fans for builders wanting to maximize RGB in their build. The Kraken X-3 series includes the improved iconic RGB infinity mirror design with an enlarged ring size. The cap is upgraded to be rotatable to ensure the correct orientation of the NZXT logo, accommodating more builders. With the newest 7th generation pump for Asetek, the Kraken X-3 RGB series has industry-leading cooling performance for your CPU.

The NZXT Kraken Z-3 series will now include the NZXT Kraken Z53 240 mm AIO in addition to the previously released 280 mm and 360 mm options. The NZXT Kraken Z-3 series is the perfect addition to any gaming battlestation. A beautiful 2.36"(60 mm) LCD screen provides unlimited visual customization, and is capable of displaying vital system health data as well as any custom image or animated GIF via NZXT CAM. With unparalleled aesthetics and performance, the Kraken Z-3 series is built with the 7th generation Asetek pump and provides builders the opportunity to express themselves in an all-new way while keeping their CPU temps cool.

NZXT Announces Limited Edition CRFT 07 H510i Mass Effect Case

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces the seventh entrant in NZXT's CRFT line--a series of licensed products that celebrate incredible games and the communities who love them--based on BioWare's landmark series Mass Effect. Designed around NZXT's award-winning H510i, NZXT CRFT 07 takes inspiration from the armor of the N7 to create a limited-run of 500 cases, designed for the Mass Effect community. The carbon fiber colorway and the red and white stripe mimics the iconic N7 armor from the game, so users can keep their build battle-ready. A limited-edition durable charm can be flipped to display either the Paragon or Renegade icon, allowing users to show their true colors.

"Mass Effect has made a profound impact on the imagination of the gaming community," says Johnny Hou, NZXT's founder and CEO. "To this day, we hear people recount the adventures of Commander Shepard and discuss their unique adventures. We are honored to partner with BioWare to bring this passionate fanbase a case that honors the legacy of this iconic franchise.".

NZXT Announces the N7 Z490 ATX Motherboard

NZXT, a leading designer of computer hardware, software, and services for the PC gaming community, today announces the NZXT N7 Z490, its newest motherboard specially designed around Intel's 10th generation Z490 chipset. The NZXT N7 Z490 ATX motherboard focuses on providing builders with the tools to get the most out of their gaming PCs. Starting from the building process, the board layout of the N7 Z490 places the ports in an optimal location for an easy building experience.

When the build is completed, users can use NZXT CAM to easily tune their system by setting their fan curves and RGB lighting. Each board was manufactured in collaboration with ASRock, ensuring that each motherboard takes advantage of Intel's Z490 chipset and strong BIOS support. The N7 Z490 has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth V5.1 built-in so users have the newest wireless connectivity standard. Finally, the metal cover enhances the aesthetics of each build and seamlessly blends into the background of an NZXT H series case.

NZXT Announces the Starter PC Series, Starts at $699

NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, today announces an update to their Starter PC Series line of pre-built PCs with the introduction of the $699 NZXT Starter PC.

"Building a gaming PC can be very difficult for beginners." says Johnny Hou, founder and CEO of NZXT. "Not everyone wants to take the time needed to fully understand how to configure and build a system. They just want to play their favorite games. That is why we simplified this whole process with the NZXT Starter PC Series. As fans take their first steps into PC Gaming, they can rest assured that they're getting a build that is suitable for their needs and optimized for performance."

NZXT N7 Z490 Motherboard Renders Revealed

Here are some of the first pictures of the N7 Z490 motherboards by NZXT. Historically, NZXT is known to source its motherboard through OEMs such as ECS, but with great design and quality oversight, which could be the case with the Z490-based N7 board, too. Built in the ATX form-factor, the N7 Z490 draws power from a combination of 24-pin ATX, and 8+4 pin EPS power connectors, conditioning it for the CPU with a 12-phase VRM. The board is characterized by a front shroud that covers most of the business side of the PCB, and comes either in matte black or white, blending into the design scheme NZXT uses for its cases.

Expansion slots on the N7 Z490 appear to include one PCI-Express 3.0 x16, one x16 (electrical x4), and three x1 slots. Storage options include two M.2-2280 slots, each with PCI-Express 3.0 x4 wiring; and four SATA 6 Gbps ports. USB connectivity includes two 10 Gbps USB 3.1 gen 2 ports (from which one is type-C), and four 5 Gbps USB 3.1 gen 1 ports. An HDMI port provides the sole display output. Networking options include 802.11ax + Bluetooth 5 provided by an Intel AX201 WLAN card; and 2.5 GbE wired networking from a Realtek RTL8125BG controller. The onboard audio solution uses premium Realtek ALC1220 HD audio codec. There's no information on pricing or availability.

NZXT Announces CRFT 06 H510 Siege

Today NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, and Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, announce CRFT 06 H510 Siege, the perfect tactical deployment for fortifying your position in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

The sixth entrant in NZXT's limited-edition series of licensed gaming products, CRFT 06 H510 Siege brings the iconic in-game barricade to your gaming station. Featuring an illuminated 6 Logo on the front panel, this new limited-edition NZXT H510 case allows you to display both your PC components and your operational readiness. Weapons free.

NZXT Expands its Ecommerce Experience into Europe

NZXT today announces that their online store as well as NZXT BLD--the simplest way to get a customized gaming PC--is now available in Germany and Austria. With this initiative, NZXT is marking its first expansion of their direct-to-consumer experience into the European Union. NZXT BLD (pronounced "Build") provides gamers with the ability to receive a professionally built custom PC shipped to them within 2 business days. With NZXT BLD, users start by choosing the games they want to play from a selection of bestselling titles, then set their desired budget, and NZXT BLD instantly recommends a gaming PC with estimated FPS (frames per second) guaranteed for the games chosen. By leveraging over 10 million analyzed gaming hours, and counting, NZXT BLD's unique recommendation engine accurately predicts a system's gaming performance so you can spend less time researching and setting up, and more time on what really matters--gaming.

"We built NZXT BLD to make it easy for people to get a gaming PC that they love, tailored around the games they want to play," said Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT. "Helping make extraordinary gaming experiences achievable and fun is at the very core of NZXT and one of the main driving factors for expanding our service to Europe. During these trying times, where gaming has been a vital tool to help people stay connected, we are excited to bring BLD and our online store to help more gamers and PC builders easily get a gaming computer and connect with this amazing community."

Bitspower Intros Touchaqua Sedna H510i Reservoir-Pump for NZXT H510 Cases

Bitspower today rolled out the Touchaqua Sedna H510i for NZXT H510 series cases, in what is the latest liquid cooling trend: flat RGB LED-illuminated reservoirs and distribution plates replacing cylindrical reservoirs. The Touchaqua Sedna is a reservoir+pump combo device with mounts designed for specific PC cases. This one aligns with the NZXT H510 series. The reservoir is made of gasketed acrylic plates. A number of addressable RGB LEDs are embedded in the reservoir, which take in standard 3-pin ARGB input. The device measures 320 mm x 115 mm x 50.8 mm (LxWxH). Available now on the Bitspower online store, the Touchaqua Sedna H510i is priced at roughly USD $160.

NZXT Introduces the H1 Mini-ITX Case and NZXT BLD H1 Mini PC Pre-Build

NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, today announces the NZXT H1, a small form factor Mini-ITX case that includes an SFX-L 650w 80+ Gold PSU, 140 mm AIO, and PCIe riser card pre-installed for a simple building experience. In addition, the NZXT H1 is the focal point for a new high-end pre-build option for NZXT BLD called H1 Mini PC.

"Creating a small form factor case is something we have always wanted to improve upon because they are often challenging to build in and can hinder the performance of high-end hardware." says Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT. "That is why we simplified the building process and focused on performance when designing the NZXT H1. We set out to make this one of the easiest builds you can undertake while leaving no compromises when gaming."
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