Thursday, April 4th 2013

ADATA Updates Firmware of its SandForce 22xx-based SSDs

ADATA released a firmware update for its SSDs based on SandForce SF-22xx series controllers. These models include all capacity-variants of SX910, SX900, SP900, SP800, S511, S510 and S396. The new v5.0.7a, according to the company, improves TRIM performance, which affects the drives' write speeds. The firmware is also said to fix other "minor issues," although the company didn't detail them. The firmware is available as both the EEPROM binary image, and as an updater for popular operating systems.

DOWNLOAD: ADATA Firmware Update 5.0.7a
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You are welcome...:p We saw some complaints in our forum about this and reached out to our contacts at Adata who then 'made it happen'. :)
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Are SandForce issues that were plaguing first drives still present or did they fix them all now? I'm talking about those critical ones that created BSOD's and hanging systems... ?
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That was mid last year to late that things were resolved.
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Will be updating...
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Has anyone got this POS update to work on Windows?

First of all the updater utility doesn't pickup drives connected via AHCI, only IDE. So I have to do the Windows 7 registry hack/BIOS change to set the chipset into IDE mode.

Then the utility doesn't automatically determine which firmware file to use for updating (which would be easy). It also doesn't tell you if you've chosen the correct file. It just goes ahead giving the impression everything is 100%.

And then it doesn't flash the firmware. At all. Even if you select the correct file. The utility sits there, and does something, and then it tells you the firmware update was successful... but the drive firmware stays on the old version.

I eventually downloaded an OpenSUSE LiveCD, booted from that, and successfully flashed the firmware using the Linux version of the update utility. What a mission. ADATA should be ashamed.
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