Friday, May 3rd 2013

Corsair Releases Drive Cloning Kit and SSD Software Utility

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components, today announced two new solid-state drive (SSD) related products. The first, the SSD & Hard Disk Drive Cloning Kit, enables users to easily duplicate and transfer data between drives. The kit, which includes a cable and software, is ideal for users upgrading from traditional hard disk drives (HDD) to faster, more rugged Corsair SSDs. In addition, the company announced the Corsair SSD Toolbox, a free software utility which enables users to configure, optimize and monitor their Corsair SSDs.

The SSD & Hard Disk Drive Cloning Kit enables users to move data between a hard drive and SSD by simply selecting the source drive and destination drives and then clicking a button. Designed for users migrating their data to newly installed SSDs, the kit includes data migration software, a USB-to-SATA cable, and Quick Start Guide. The cable supports USB 3.0 and 2.0 delivering transfer rates up to 180 MB/s with USB 3.0 ports, 4 times faster than USB 2.0.

The SSD & Hard Disk Drive Cloning Kit features:
● Support for Corsair SSDs and SATA notebook hard drives
● Compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and OS X
● Includes data migration software, USB-to-SATA cable, and Quick Start Guide
● 3 year warranty

Corsair SSD Toolbox

The Corsair SSD Toolbox software helps Corsair SSD owners to install, configure, optimize, and monitor the health of their drives. The Windows compatible software is available as a free download from the Downloads tab of SSD product pages on

The Corsair SSD Toolbox features:
● Drive Information - Displays model, size, firmware, serial number, other key data, and updates SSD firmware
● Over-provisioning - Allows allocation of SSD space to enhance endurance and performance
● SMART Status - Displays Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology status of drives
● Secure Wipe - Securely erases data from drives
● Optimize - Allows scheduling of TRIM command to optimize SSD performance
● Clone - Copies entire contents of one drive to another (coming in a future update)

To learn more about Corsair SSDs, please visit:
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11 Comments on Corsair Releases Drive Cloning Kit and SSD Software Utility

Hm...tempted to get a larger capacity SSD too and flick off my current one.
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now the one million dollar question, will it align properly with the ssd nand flash clusters?
like creating a good ssd image on a 128GB SSD from a rather empty 200GB SATA HDD with working windows on it :rolleyes:
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A $12. powered SATA to USB adapter cable from Newegg or others and any of the various cloning software options (free and paid for), will do the job nicely. Many of the SSD drives come with free versions of Acronis or similar cloning software which is excellent. Acronis will auto resize partitions and different drive sizes or allow you to do this manually.

OKGEAR OK108 2.5 inch SATA to USB 2.0 Adapter Cabl...

As far as drive alignment is concerned any software that uses an alignment of 1024 or derivative of 1024, i.e. 4096/4 = 1024 is perfect. DISKPART can be used to confirm and or change alignment.

Most testing shows little performance difference however with aligned vs. mis-aligned SSDs. YMMV.

A couple notes on disk cloning with Microsucks O/S's. Vista will always clone to proper alignment. When using disk cloning hardware Microsucks O/Ss often FUBAR the Windows Update Utility settings making it impossible to do future security updates. On occasion the FUBAR'ed WU utililty can be repaired thru frustrating processes described in gory detail in hundreds of threads online including in Microsuck's knowledgebase. Be advised even with paid Microsucks tech support they often are unable to fix the broken WU utility and they will advise that you do a clean install.

For those without a lot of data that needs to be transfered a clean install is highly recommended. If you can back-up your data to CD/DVDs and transfer it to the new SSD it will also reduce the chances of transferring scumware that is on the old drive. Some subscriptions may however be an issue with file transfers so you might want to investigate this before cloning or swapping data.
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Divide Overflow
The SSD Toolbox is a nice clean looking free utility for Corsair drives. It picked up and applied a firmware update for my Neutron GTX with ease.
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TPU addict
Corsair Releases Drive Cloning Kit, O really....

And for thee rest of the program it seems that only none raided Corsair drives work with it. Pretty pointless unless you only own Corsair SSD's.
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Start Menu > My Computer > Right Click on the disk you want, and select Properties > Tools > Backup Option > Complete PC backup > Load this restoration into a new disk (mass storage) and enjoy :toast:

I don't need to spend money were I know a way around it :roll:
Any of you should know this if your remotely computer savvy BTW.
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:confused:I can't get the overprovisioning function to work at all.

I have tried shutting down al processes and running in safe mode, but the program still tells me that I need to close any applications using the SSD before I can overprovision. :confused:
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This would be neat if you could tell it to clone all the Windows operating bit and peices and other specific programs (games) to clone to the SSD. It would provide a option to place the existing HHD to still hold/save MyDoc's, Jpg, Favorites etc. Then once finished just reboot and then all you'd have to do is catch it, going into BIOS and and say make this SSD the boot drive. After you test-drove it a for a while and everything tranfered correctly you click on a link on the desktop that the software placeed and everything that was cloned/copied off the old HDD is deleted freeing up that space.

Now all OS esentials... boot files, regestry, etc. is on the SSD, and deleted from the HDD. They'd sell a ton!
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