Wednesday, May 8th 2013

PowerColor Announces the SCS3 HD 7850 Graphics Card

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today unrolls a new model of SCS3 series, the SC3 HD7850. Being a new generation of SCS3, the HD7850 extends PowerColor strong capability of passive cooling design, enables gamers to play under extremely silent environment. Together with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, and 1024 units of stream processor, the SCS3 HD7850 is equipped with all high standard specification, also includes the latest AMD Eyefinity technology, DirectX 11.1, and AMD App Acceleration technology, enabling quiet gaming but also with performance.
Gaming at 0dB Noise Level
The HD7850 strengths passive cooling solution with PowerColor patent G-shape heat pipes, which provides the same cooling effect as dual U-shape heat pipes, efficiently cooling down the temp. through enlarging the cooling surface. Also, armed with 6 X 6 ø heat pipes can easily dissipate the heat through the solid cooling based which fully cover GPU and key components, providing an absolutely silent and excellent cooling performance without any compromise. Furthermore, the HD7850 uses intensive and enormous surface of aluminum cooling fins can double the dissipation efficiency of heat away from copper based which fully covers GPU.

Solid built with Gold Power Kit
PowerColor SCS3 HD7850 is built by solid combination, the exclusive Gold Power Kit. PowerPAKSO-8 inside can provide stable voltage and high Peak Efficiency up to 82%; Ferrite Core Choke offers 33% extra power for GPU; Solid Capacitor secures 50,000 hours operating time. All these firm ingredients make PowerColor SCS3 HD7850 undefeated, and bring absolutely no-compromise gaming experience to every gamers.
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7 Comments on PowerColor Announces the SCS3 HD 7850 Graphics Card

I get a little sick of seeing these vanity plates on passive cards. They just block airflow for no beneficial reason.
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interesting, we need some benchmark too
with "traditional fins and layout" i wonder how cold it could be
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Sir B. Fannybottom
I thought powercolour was showing off starcraft 3 for some reason. This makes much more sense...
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I can already see some ghetto mods with 1 or 2 fans on top of that coolers, and with some really nice occ.
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Gaming Moderator
Prima.Vera, post: 2898909"
I can already see some ghetto mods with 1 or 2 fans on top of that coolers, and with some really nice occ.
The alpenfohn does that, but better i think. Even does passive better.
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My GTX650 is fited with an passive cooler..

how much faster is this? 256Bit memory interface plus copper on the vreg just nice :-P
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