Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

EK Water Blocks Announces EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO Evaporator

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO, company's second product from the line of liquid nitrogen (LN2) evaporation coolers for competitive overclockers.

EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO is a high performance universal CPU liquid nitrogen evaporation cooler, the result of a joint venture between Petri 'SF3D' Korhonen, legendary overclocker and extreme evaporation cooler designer from Finland, and EK design & engineering team. The product is made of electrolytic grade nickel plated copper in order to provide the necessary mass to even out the temperature fluctuation. Excellent weight to surface area ratio ensures confident controll over temperatures. Precise and rapid response at any working temperature is what this product is all about - even when cooling the hottest CPUs on the market. Top extension is made from black anodized high quality aluminium alloy.
The key feature that makes Inflection Point EVO evaporation cooler stand out from the pack is the new, socket specific revolutionary mounting system enclosure, making it easier for beginners to dive into the world of extreme overclocking while the veterans will surely appreciate the even clamping force.

EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO key features:
  • air-tight micro climate area inside the CPU evaporation cooler's hold-down enclosure
  • perfect mount every time you install the evaporation cooler
  • heating elements used to heat up the inside of the enclosure as well as the circuit board itself to keep the motherboard's VRM capacitors as warm as possible
  • fast remount turn-around - it takes less than a minute to swap out a CPU - perfect for binning the best CPU
  • improved contact surface fits Intel's concave IHS of the CPU pefectly thus further improving the performance of the unit
  • less insulation needed than with any other solution on the market.
The product is readily available for purchase through EK Webshop & Partner Reseller Network and comes with Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of 149.95? incl. VAT. Each socket-specific mounting mechanism costs 39.95? incl. VAT. At the moment only Intel LGA-115x variant is readily available for purchase while LGA-2011- and AMD variant will follow by mid June.
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4 Comments on EK Water Blocks Announces EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO Evaporator

Ok just for S's and G's Anyone know the evaporation rate of LN2, how much would you need to run a computer 15 hours, and then what would the cost of that amount be?
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Forget it, you will need $1000 of LN2 plus it needs to be poured often. Why would you phantom running 15 hours of sub zero?
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LN2 costs less than a pound a litre (at least from where I study), the container to store it will set you back by quite a bit of money.
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Steven B
interesting base design!
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