Wednesday, June 5th 2013

New Avexir Memory Modules Put Up A Lightshow

Avexir memory modules always caught our eyes at tradeshows for being extremely 'boutique' in their approach to the market. Not that we're complaining. They didn't disappoint this time either, showing off some colorful, shiny, and glowy modules of many shapes and sizes. The first kind below are Core Gold, with tops that light up gold, which should go well with ASUS' mainline Z87 motherboards, and ECS' Golden Boards. These modules are available at speeds ranging all the way from PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) to PC3-22400 (DDR3-2800), in 4 GB and 8 GB densities, and in single-, dual-, and quad-channel kits. Some of these ship with two XMP profiles.

Moving on, the next kind are Platinum Red. These black beauties lack headspreaders, use high-grade Elpida-made DRAM chips, and feature pairs of tiny red LEDs lining the top portions on one of their sides. These modules are available in speeds ranging from PC3-10600 to PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600), and are available in the same densities and packages as the Core series. There are plenty of motherboards that look good with black and red. Next up, are the same modules with glowy heatspreaders on. These heatspreaders pack an acrylic bar that disperse light from these LEDs, and look awesome when installed. The last exhibit is an example of just how far Avexir will go to live up to its boutique reputation. It shows modules with tiny fluorescent lamps lining the top, which work at low voltages, probably using external power. Starting a florescent lamp takes additional circuitry, and you can find that in the picture.
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At first when i've seen the title, i said meh, but i must say it looks rather nice (if it's just glowing and not blinking). It looks like glowing reactor rods in some sci-fi movie...
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As an AVEXIR user, i concur these are sexy
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I'm the only one
I really like the Platinum Red ones.
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Fancy. Especially those orange/amber ones.
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