Thursday, June 6th 2013

Lian Li PC-D600 Box-type Case Pictured

It looks like Corsair's Carbide Air 540D will have company very soon, from Lian Li and its PC-D600 split-compartment aluminum case. While the 540D gives you a narrower drive/power compartment than the board/expansion one, the PC-D600 is split right in the middle, and the two compartments have largely the same volume. Another difference is that the PSU bay is located in the board/expansion compartment, with the other compartment being dedicated to drive bays, and room for a large 140 x 420 mm radiator. Like Corsair's joybox, both side panels of the PC-D600 are windowed.

The entire length of the front side of the board compartment is lined with 140 mm fan intakes, it packs a 120 mm rear exhaust, and provision for two 120 mm top exhausts. With its eight expansion slots, the case seats standard ATX motherboards. The drive compartment, on the other hand, is lined with 5.25-inch bays covers, which double up as three 140 mm front intakes. All nine vacant 5.25-inch bays can be populated, or drive cages that convert three 5.25-inch bays to three 3.5-inch bays, can be added. Additional drives can be stacked up in the space between these 5.25-inch bays and the rear, or you could use it up for liquid cooling components, such as reservoir and pumps. The front utility panel gives you four USB 3.0 ports (standard header), and HDA front-panel jacks.
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4 Comments on Lian Li PC-D600 Box-type Case Pictured

I would like to know if Lian Li is going to sell that function panel as standalone?
I would be quite interested: 4x USB3, HDA and power/reset switches in a 5.25" formfactor combined with stylish looks.
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Another stab at MY split case design.

This one looks nicer than the the Corsair Carbide Air 540D.

But I'm sure it'll be a lot more expensive too. :mad:
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