Friday, June 7th 2013

Lepa Unveils HDB240 Liquid CPU Cooler

Lepa showed off its premium closed-loop liquid CPU cooler, the HDB240. Capable of handling thermal loads of up to 300W, the cooler uses a pump+block assembly piped to a reservoir+radiator. A 25 mm-thick 240 x 120 mm radiator, and two Lepa 70D 120 mm fans come included. Sadly for people looking forward to the 220W AMD FX-9000, the HDB240 comes with an LGA retention module, which supports LGA2011 and LGA1150/LGA1155/LGA1156 only.
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2 Comments on Lepa Unveils HDB240 Liquid CPU Cooler

oh hell yeah,,,

i know its just a skin but damn.... that looks AWWWWSSSSOOOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!
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Hmmm the cpu waterblock/pump reminds me a lot of a Terran infantry barrack in starcraft.. lol :D
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