Wednesday, June 12th 2013

Virtue by Digital Storm Launched

The Haswell caravan is joined by yet another member, this time around is Digital Storm's turn to announce a new product based on Intel's latest platform. It also represents Digital Storm's effort to offer an alternative solution to the ultra tower systems which currently dominate the market. It is called Virtue and this is what its makers have to say about it:
"VIRTUE: the best of both worlds in a compact and easy to upgrade form factor that exudes beauty from every angle.

COMPACT SIZE 17.7" X 8.3" X 17.3"
Supporting full-length graphic cards and an array of storage devices, the VIRTUE doesn't give anything up for its small footprint. The VIRTUE's diminutive size allows it to fit in tight places with ease. Its also great for users who crave a small high-performance system they can take with them anywhere.

With support for up to 5 fans and a massive 240mm based liquid cooling system, the VIRTUE can cool even the most demanding high-performance hardware with ease. The VIRTUE features a truly impressive cooling array that makes larger systems envious of its qualities. The VIRTUE is a fast, beautiful, and smart performance PC.

Stunning beauty shouldn't be reserved only for a large ultra tower chassis. With a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel and spacious side window that lets you gaze at every ounce of internal hardware, the VIRTUE redefines the status quo and sets the bar on what a mid-tower performance gaming system should be.

For top tier hardware, ample room is not a luxury, it's a requirement, and the VIRTUE delivers. With support for dual video cards, 2 hard drives and 4 SSDs, the VIRTUE can hold an impressive payload. To make life easy, the VIRTUE features a too less design on every drive bay and features large thumbscrews that make installing hardware and removing side panels a breeze."

For options and pricing please visit the Virtue product page.
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What case is this it looks good.
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TPU Proofreader
Delta6326 said:
What case is this it looks good.
Looks like the Corsair 350D
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Honestly, who buys these things?

Their systems are not bad, but the markup is outrageous. The second and third builds on their site are close to a 1000 dollars (each) more expensive than what one would normally pay if doing the assembly themselves.

All the BS "expert craftsmanship", "lifetime support" and "extensive testing" are definitely not worth the price hike.
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