Thursday, July 25th 2013

Enermax Launches Five New Fan Models

Enermax is pleased to announce their launch of the latest advanced series of fan models equipped with their all-new patented technology, APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) Control. As the name implies, the peak speed of these fans can be adjusted as preferred, and the speed will be regulated automatically by pulse-width modulation (PWM) or by an integrated thermal sensor after selecting the particular RPM range.
New Twister Advance Series with APS Control: Cluster Advance, Everest Advance, Magma Advance
While the current Twister Series have been introduced into the market for more than 5 years, Enermax decided to add a refreshing twist to the series by adding the new Twister Advance series offering three different RPM modes which can be selected with a small switch at the fan hub. Users can then easily adapt the Enermax fans for various applications. For instance, the new Cluster Advance 12cm version fan runs within the ranges of 500 to 1200, 500 to 1500 or 500 to 1800 RPM, so that users can select the best combination for their chassis. Other features such as the patented Twister, carved halo frame and batwing blades are still retained to offer users the best cooling performance.

New Vegas LED Fan with APS Control and Carved Halo Frame: T.B.VEGAS QUAD, T.B.VEGAS
On the basis of the design of the APS control that allows end users to have different RPM settings and specifications, Enermax releases two new Vegas fans, the 4-color LED (blue, red, green and white) and single-color LED models coming in blue, red or white. These two series have 48 LEDs and 18 LEDs respectively, and each contains 6 lightening modes. These LED specifications truly make Enermax Vegas fans the brightest and shiniest fans in market. In addition, this is the first time that Enermax Vegas fans have the patented carved halo frame that allow for increased airflow and enhance the overall cooling performance.
Furthermore, just like all other Enermax fans, all of the above five new models utilize the ENERMAX patented Twister Bearing, a magnetic bearing technology, which helps prevent the abrasion that mechanical bearings such as Sleeve or Ball-Bearings have. This design helps give these ENERMAX fans a superb lifespan usage of more than 100k hours.
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6 Comments on Enermax Launches Five New Fan Models

It's just amazing the gimmicks some companies are going to in order to sell crap to the gullible.
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This is good news for cooling fanatics such as myself, there's a lot of room for improvement in fan design, and when one company comes up with features like switchable speed limits and removable blades, others must follow suit or fall by the wayside. Can't wait to see some reviews.
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Fun fans. I love how you can change the lighting schemes. It looks really nice. Am I gulible? May be, but it's not always about every single CFM you can get. Hardware is a fun hobby.
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Me like mucho. But I went to buy one of there older models in 140mm and they wanted $39 for one . But fans really haven't change much in over 100 years , sure they come out with funny blades or different bearings but they don't really perform better . Somebody should try a hub-less fan again like Y.S.Tech did years back with their TMD fan line that didn't work , maybe the technology is better now .
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I put a vegas fan in my system I build last year, I quite like it. I just leave it on solid blue, and because of the high number of LEDs on the fan, it lights up the inside of the case quite well.
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