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ASUS Unveils ROG Tytan G70 Gaming Desktop PC

ASUS today announced the Tytan G70 Gaming Desktop PC with the latest 4th generation Intel Core processor and one-click, no-reboot-required, all-core processor overclocking. The Tytan G70 also features NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 graphics that supports four displays for fully immersive gaming, a sophisticated multi-vented case design for efficient cooling, built-in wireless battery recharging for mobile devices, and SonicMaster audio.

ASUS Tytan G70 features one-click Turbo Gear overclocking that allows users to make the most of the 4th generation Intel Core i7-4770K processor without having to reboot. ASUS Turbo Gear technology provides simultaneous four-core CPU overclocking to push the Tytan G70's clock speed from the standard 3.7GHz to two stable levels - Level 1 at 3.9GHz and Level 2 at 4.1GHz. The latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 graphics card has the capacity to deliver smooth gameplay at the highest in-game graphics settings and can support up to four displays, as well as the option to game in 3D with NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround.
Efficient cooling solutions in the heat of battle
The Tytan G70 features a 10-way venting design that takes advantage of its 10 cooling fans. Activating Turbo Gear mode automatically opens the top and side vents to reveal six front-facing and two rear-facing fans. These, along with two fans in the bottom grill and inside the case, work in tandem with the integrated water-cooling system to provide effective thermal management. These cooling solutions make the Tytan G70 ideal for marathon gaming sessions and prolong component lifespan, too. The vents also have sensors to prevent them from closing on fingers. Tytan G70 sports solid, chiseled lines, with intricate patterns on the chassis as well as lighting effects like the ROG logo and bottom grill LEDs change color from blue to red to reflect overclocking levels.

Enhanced SonicMaster audio
Tytan G70 features ASUS SonicMaster technology. Together with MaxxAudio from Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award, they give Tytan G70 immersive and impactful audio delivery, enhancing the gaming experience with reverberating explosions and gunshots, with even the slightest footsteps giving directional auditory cues on the battlefield. Tytan G70 also comes with the ASUS-exclusive AudioWizard interface that allows users to tailor settings according to their needs.

Real-world usability and convenience
Tytan G70 comes with ASUS Wireless Charger for cable-free charging of smartphones and tablets that are compliant with the Qi inductive power standard. To charge, users simply need to place their Qi-compatible device on the recharging tray built into the top of the case. ASUS also provides Tytan G70 users with 32GB of complimentary ASUS WebStorage for three years.

ASUS desktops - leading in satisfaction with reliability
ASUS computers reflect a tradition of the finest quality, innovation and longevity. Based on the PCWorld USA 2012 reader survey of tech satisfaction, reliability, and service, users ranked ASUS as a leading choice for desktop PCs, citing high satisfaction with their value, connectivity, ease of use and reliability. The survey also found ASUS desktop PCs were one of the most likely to be recommended to others.
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20 Comments on ASUS Unveils ROG Tytan G70 Gaming Desktop PC

God that's F'en ugly!
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It looks decent with the vents closed
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Are those supposed to be fan grills? Terrible design. Form and function are supposed to work in balance. That's all form.
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The grills only show when the Turbo Gear mode is activated. With the vents closed it looks like this:

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TRWOVTurbo Gear mode
Not extreme enough. Why don't they just add spinners with fireworks attached.
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The Terrible Puddle
Could be fun to make a build in such a case.
The wireless charging is pretty cool, but the fan grills are ridiculous.
Probably overpriced though. It's like ASUS tries to compete with Alienware.
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~Technological Technocrat~
I like how they have to spell it 'Tytan' - just to be unique. either that or avoiding copyright from Nvidia (though that would be stupid - Nvidia dont own the word 'titan')
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Thank goodness we have choices when it comes to assembling PC parts. Asian culture has a pretty, uhh, unique sense of style, if we could only get assembled PCs made in Asia :shadedshu
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It's a great concept - a small, powerful unobtrusive machine for normal use, then push a button and it transforms into a monstrous, heat-spewing beast for gaming. Except that it's a lame joke to serious enthusiasts, overclockers, and water cooling veterans, and the price will be laughable as well. This could only seem like a good deal if you're a rich teenage geek with a fetish for "Transformer" movies.
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I like the case.. I also like the vent on the side when it opens but probably will cost way to much.
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just because

:D......just the kind of thing i look for on clearance/deal to add to my collection of oddities :laugh:
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Because senseless gimmicks make your PC case operate better and cooler. If it didnt have these retarded opening gundam wing style panels it would be OK. Panels closed, it looks alright, but it has a stupid name and stupid gimmicks, and I'm betting the hardware inside is going to have a huge premium on it for the ROG name.

Turbo mode. Seriously. Are all high end gamers F***ING 14 year olds?!
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RCoonBecause senseless gimmicks make your PC case operate better and cooler. If it didnt have these retarded opening gundam wing style panels it would be OK. Panels closed, it looks alright, but it has a stupid name and stupid gimmicks, and I'm betting the hardware inside is going to have a huge premium on it for the ROG name.

Turbo mode. Seriously. Are all high end gamers F***ING 14 year olds?!
No word on pricing, and Asus things are decently priced even for gaming laptops. I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. As for the silly gundam intake, I think the average guy who buys the case like this will never clean the innards, justifying the crazy extra cooling.

Lastly, if all high end gamers are 14 year olds, this will be the only product in the market. The fact that we have other self build ones ... :slap:
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I'm the only one
I'd turn it into a pop out coke dispenser for long gaming sessions, can get 6 cans in there.
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How is it ROG? Tell me which republic that these gamers are from that would choose something so fugly.

Also it seems Asus is trying to mimic the Alienware cases, which are just as ugly. Not to mention not a whole lot of room to work with inside either.
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It's supposed to be heart-pounding, balls-to-the-wall, high-octane, over the top, badass gaming PC, that shoots rockets when the vents open. :D The trend in pre-assembled gaming configs is pure in-your-face squarish gundam style (a.k.a Pacific Rim :D) in my opinion for the last few reincarnations of the series. Aurora does it, Bolt does it, Asus does it. It will go away.... I think? :ohwell:
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I would love to have one... Because probably I would find same day someone to change for X79 Dark 3930K 780 Classified and 1000G2 and hold that on empty pizza box happy as little kid.
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See how upstruckted those airflow vents are? I would have loved to be in the design meeting (Lets design the intake vents so that the airflow is down 95%):banghead:
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