Monday, August 5th 2013

SilverStone Unveils New, Useful PC Peripherals

USB hubs can hog large swathes of your desktop real-estate, and clutter it will cables, before you even realize. SilverStone thinks it has an answer to that, a new 4-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub with a magnetic surface, that lets you latch it onto a SECC case. The new EP01 USB 3.0 hub from SilverStone features a hexagonal shape, with four of its sides holding downstream ports, one holding the upstream type-B connector, and one with a DC input that lets it support USB charging specification 1.2, which lets the hub detect a device that is capable of drawing more than 1,000 mA, and supplying it with that. This lets you charge your smartphones and tablets, which otherwise don't charge when plugged in to a PC. Measuring 71.6 x 63.3 x 19.5 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 65 g.

Moving on, SilverStone unveiled a pair of extremely practical SATA power cables, the CP06-E2 and CP06-E4, pictured below in that order. The CP06-E2 has a male SATA connector on one end, connecting to your PSU; and two female SATA connectors on the other, with very little spacing between them. This helps in cases like 3.5-inch to 2x 2.5-inch convertors, where there's very little spacing between the two 2.5-inch bays, causing the long spaces between PSU cables to protrude out, or remain stiff. The CP06-E4 is a 4-connector variant of the cable.
Lastly, SilverStone rolled out a pair of external portable storage solutions, the EP02B and MS07B, pictured above in that order. The EP02B is simply a SATA power+data back-plane, with DC and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connector on one end, letting you convert any SATA drive into a USB mass storage device. The MS07B, on the other hand, is a more conventional 2.5-inch portable enclosure, which is open-ended, letting you slide in a 2.5-inch SATA drive, dock it with a standard back-plane, and lock it in place. This enclosure features USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface. The company didn't release pricing or availability information.
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4 Comments on SilverStone Unveils New, Useful PC Peripherals

Oh, darn, I has hoping for Silverstone to Unveil New, Useless PC Peripherals...

In all seriousness, that USB hub manages to look cool and be practical.
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shovenose said:
Oh, darn, I has hoping for Silverstone to Unveil New, Useless PC Peripherals...
You in fact got your wish... ;)
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The Hubs look cool enough, but the cables .... ughhh. I'd be afraid to use them. They look as fragile as the cables that connect your power and reset switch.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
why pay a premium for the silverstone name. and cheap knock-off will last just as long.
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