Thursday, September 5th 2013

Rosewill Gives Displays Freedom to Tilt, Pan, Swing, and Swivel

Rosewill, the leading brand of PC components and peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming peripherals, has released new display mounts to maximize your desk real estate. Rosewill has successfully brought to market many award winning computer cases, power supplies, computer accessories such as mechanical keyboards and gaming headsets and looking to expand on their success, they are bringing attention to another very essential component to desktop computers everywhere, the display.

Complimenting entry level gaming systems, workstations, and even high end gaming systems are 3 new Rosewill Display Mounts: RHMS-13001, RHMS-13002, and RHMS-13003. With a lightweight aluminum construction, C-clamp column support, quick snap configuration, ultrafast setup, and an elegantly designed framework, the Rosewill Display mounts are ready to free displays everywhere. With up to 44lbs and 30 inch display support, it will free your display from the static stand and allow it to tilt, pan, swing, swivel, can even adjust height on the fly with the Spring Mount Arm, or support a dual display setup. With the ability to position your monitor just right, it will also help reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain so you can game or work stronger and longer.
Rosewill also shares their love for displays in the living room with its availability of TV Brackets compatible with 13 inch televisions all the way up to 65 inches. Whether its ultra slim, ultra compact, or full motion articulation, Rosewill has a TV bracket for most makes, sizes, and standard wall installation uses. Your display will never be the same.
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