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TechPowerUp Rosewill Cullinan Giveaway: The Winners

TechPowerUp and Rosewill brought you the Rosewill Cullinan Giveaway, your chance to win one of two gorgeous Rosewill Cullinan cases with 5 mm-thick tinted tempered glass body panels. We've chose two lucky winners who will receive one of these stylish ATX cases, each. Without further ado, the winners:
  • Gabe from the United States
  • Walter from the United States
  • Francis from the United Kingdom
A huge congratulations to you, Francis, Gabe, and Walter! TechPowerUp and Rosewill will return with more such interesting giveaways!

TechPowerUp and Rosewill Announce the Rosewill Cullinan Giveaway

TechPowerUp, in partnership with Rosewill announce the Rosewill Cullinan Giveaway! We are giving away three gorgeous Rosewill Cullinan cases with tinted tempered glass panels all around. Rosewill Cullinan lets you "shine bright and unleash the gamer within," according to its makers. This richly crafted ATX mid-tower features tempered glass panels that let you revel on your creation, and put up your own RGB light-show. To participate, simply fill up a short form with details that let us get back to you if you're one of the three lucky winners. Good Luck!

For more information and to participate, visit this page.

Rosewill Announces the EX-500 and EX-700 In-Ear Headphones

Rosewill announces its entry into high end audio devices with the EX-500 and EX-700 in-ear headphones with hybrid dual driver support. Engineered for those who seek astounding audio reproduction of their favorite music in high-resolution audio format or individuals who thrive for rich sounds, a wide soundstage, and crisp digital audio reproduction.

Both EX-500 and EX-700 were designed to deliver full range sound using state-of-the art technology, materials, and design. In order to produce a high-quality audio experience, Rosewill developed the EX-500 and EX-700 with oxygen-free copper (OFC) and durable, gold-plated 3.5mm plugs to maximize conductivity and keep sounds distortion-free.

Rosewill Debuts the RK-9300 Mechanical Keyboard

Adding to its mechanical keyboard line-up, Rosewill has just announced availability of the RK-9300 Mechanical Keyboard, which sports two choices of Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches to sate your particular tastes. The RK-9300 has a more subdued look than most other recent mechanical keyboards we've seen, and sheds full RGB lighting for a more professional look, as well as additional cost-savings for the customer. However, that isn't to say it doesn't sport some sort of lighting: it features blue LEDs, with three lighting modes available (full keyboard, with a breathing mode and four variable levels of brightness; numerical pad only; WASD and arrow keys only).

The keyboard features an all-black design, with an aluminum top panel that extends out and down at a slight angle. The upper right side of the keyboard features the usual notification lights, and the F keys double as media and volume controls, including brightness, Windows lock, and more. It also features n-key rollover, though there is no macro support (and no accompanying software). The two versions of the RK-9300 list for $99, but both are available for $85 on Amazon (Blue switches and Brown switches) and Newegg (Blue switches and Brown switches).

Source: Tom's Hardware

Rosewill Intros the Gram Mid-tower Chassis

Rosewill today introduced the Gram ATX mid-tower chassis. Built in the contemporary horizontally partitioned layout, the case serves up room for a standard ATX motherboard, graphics cards up to 260 mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height. Storage areas include one 5.25-inch drive bay, two 2.5-inch drive bays along the motherboard tray, and two 3.5-inch bays in the lower (PSU) compartment.

Cooling features include two 140 mm front intakes, two 140 mm top exhausts, and a rear 120 mm exhaust. A blue LED-lit 120 mm front intake fan, and a black 120 mm rear exhaust fan come included. Measuring 454.9 mm x 210 mm x 465 mm (LxWxH), the case weighs about 6.3 kg, and is made of SECC steel. Its side panel features a clear acrylic window. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 front-panel ports, and HDA jacks. The company didn't release pricing or availability information.

Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass Panel Case Pictured

Rosewill's flagship case for this year's Computex wasn't a brutish full-tower, but a more elegant looking glass case, the Cullinan. This case features tinted tempered glass panels lining the front and side panels. It features a dual-compartment layout with the top (motherboard tray) compartment having no intrusion from drive bays, letting you either seat EATX motherboards, or standard ATX ones with lots of room to spare for your liquid cooling gear. You can install graphics cards as long as 42 cm, and CPU coolers as tall as 18 cm. Both the top- and front-panel feature vents for 360 mm x 120 mm radiators. Other features include an integrated fan-controller. The drive bays are relegated to the bottom compartment with the PSU, and behind the motherboard tray.

Rosewill Unveils the Himars Chassis with Front Hot-swap Bay

Rosewill unveiled the Himars, an entry-mainstream ATX mid-tower case with a front-facing 3.5-inch SATA HDD hot-swap bay, similar to that of the Nanoxia Basic 1. Besides this, you get a pair of 5.25-inch drive bays, room for graphics cards as long as 30 cm, CPU coolers as long as 16 cm, and a top 360 mm x 120 mm radiator mount, for a single large radiator handling both your CPU and high-end graphics card.

Rosewill Gram Entry-level Mid-tower Case Pictured

Rosewill's case lineup begins with Gram, an elegant and minimalist entry-level mid-tower. The case covers all the basics for people with their first DIY build, including a single 5.25-inch drive bay, a number of 2.5-inch drive bays along the floor of the motherboard compartment, and more 3.5-inch bays in the bottom compartment shared with the PSU bay. There's room for graphics cards as long as 36 cm, and CPU coolers as tall as 16 cm. The front panel has room for a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. USB 3.0 ports (standard header) and HDA jacks make up the front-panel connectivity.

Rosewill Tokamak 1500W and Tokamak 1200W PSUs Pictured

Rosewill's flagship power supplies, the Tokamak 1500W and Tokamak 1200W, smile for the camera. These units are designed and manufactured using some of the choicest components, including an all-Japanese capacitor design. They feature a single +12V rail design, with a massive 100A rail on the 1200W model, and an even larger 125A rail on the 1500W. The units boast of 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, full modular cabling, with flat cables for machines with up to six graphics cards, and motherboards with two 8-pin EPS connectors, making them ideal for your HEDT/workstation build. The units feature load/temperature triggered 140 mm fans, and an LED indicator for load.

Rosewill Intros the RAWP-141209 Washable Case Fan

That's right, a case-fan that you can wash...with water. Rosewill may have solved the biggest woe of enthusiasts without access to dry-cleaning fluids to clean their fans, with the RAWP-141209. This 120 mm spinner is washable with water. Its other chops are pretty decent, too - a Teflon nano bearing, 500 to 1,500 RPM speeds, PWM support, and 64.75 CFM of maximum air flow. While it's washable, it isn't water-proof. So don't get the one idea on every DIY liquid-cooling enthusiast's mind - to immerse their radiators into a large fish-tank.

Rosewill RWC-1612 Series 120 mm Fans Pictured

Rosewill showed off its RWC-1612 series 120 mm fans. Available in blue (RWCB-1612), red (RWCR-1612), and green (RWCG-1612), the fans are characterized by circular frames that light up, hydraulic bearings on the motor, PWM control support, fan-speeds ranging between 500 to 1,500 RPM, and air-flow ranging proportionately, between 14.89 CFM to 63.1 CFM. The fans will be sold loose, and part of some of the company's latest cases, such as the Gungnir X.

Rosewill Gungnir X and Gungnir Z Cases Pictured

Rosewill showed off its Gungnir X mid-tower case, one of its first under the company's redesigned brand emblem. The case features 5.25-inch drive bays, but its 3.5-inch bays are pushed to a compartment in the bottom. This approach frees up room besides the motherboard tray, letting you use EATX motherboards, and graphics cards as long as 42 cm. The case also has room for CPU coolers as tall as 18 cm (140 mm towers should fit). Despite the top drive bay, the top-panel has room for a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator. Front-panel features include an integrated fan-controller, USB 3.0 ports, and HDA jacks. Also pictured is the Gungnir Z. This is similar to the Gungnir X for the most part, except it features tinted tempered glass side-panels on both sides.

Rosewill Shows Off RGM-1100 Gaming Mouse

Rosewill unveiled its flagship gaming mouse, the RGM-1100. Designed for a palm-grip, the mouse could appeal even to claw-grip users, due to a less pronounced front end. It features a sand-blasted plastic top, with an aluminium main body. You get five action buttons, apart from on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons on the top. Under the hood is an 8,200 DPI laser sensor; the two main buttons are backed by Omron-made switches; and 6-piece adjustable weights. A braided USB cable with a gold-plated connector, makes for the rest of it.

Rosewill Unveils Mabelode RGB 100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rosewill unveiled its flagship gaming keyboard, the Mabelode RGB 100. This full-sized mechanical keyboard offers a standard 104-key set, with multi-color RGB illumination, with a the ability to set color for individual keys using the included software. In addition to color, you can set up to 6 lighting modes, and 5 lighting levels (brightness). The profiles you make using the software, are stored on the local memory on the keyboard, rather than your system, so a system crash doesn't wipe off your customization. They keyboard's onboard memory can store up to five such profiles. The keyboard comes with multimedia hot keys, and a detachable wrist-rest, with a textured, rubberized surface.

Rosewill Also Unveils Capstone Series Mid-range PSUs

In addition to its four high-Wattage PSU lines, Rosewill showed off additions to its mid-range Capstone line of PSUs. Targeted at gamers, with gaming PC builds of up to three high-end graphics cards, and enough juice for mild CPU and VGA overclocking, the Capstone line will come in moderately high Wattage models, including 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W. These units offer 80 Plus Gold efficiency, partially modular cabling (in which the 24-pin ATX and 4+4 pin EPS cables are fixed); single +12V rail design, and 5-year product warranties.

Rosewill Unveils Four New High-Wattage PSUs

Rosewill flexed its PSU engineering muscle, by unveiling four new high-Wattage PSU lines for PC enthusiasts. Among the four exhibited, were the Aim Series 1200W, the Quark Series 1200W, the Tokamak Series 1500W, and the Hercules 1600W. The Aim series consists of smart-PSUs, units which talk to your system over USB, letting you monitor their key stats using software. The Aim series offers 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, fully modular cabling, a single +12V rail design, and enough cabling for a gaming PC build with up to four graphics cards. The target user-base is pro gamers, who aren't exactly climbing OC leaderboards.

The Quark series is much like the Aim series in its feature-set, and we suspect that the two share a common platform under the hood. The only notable difference here is that instead of the USB interface, and software-based monitoring, the PSU has a set of diagnostic LEDs. Much like the Aim series, the Quark 1200W offers 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, a single +12V rail design, and fully modular cabling, with enough connectors for gaming PC builds with up to four graphics cards. We then move on to the two Goliaths, the Tokamak 1500W and the Hercules 1600W.

Rosewill Announces RISE Slim Full Tower Cases

Rosewill announced the RISE line of slim ATX full-tower cases. Available in two variants, the RISE, and RISE Glow (featuring illuminated fans), these cases are low on depth, and should be less stuffy to tuck away under your desk. They measure 233 mm x 440 mm x 550 mm (WxDxH), dry-weighing 14 kg, and are made mostly of SECC steel. The two achieve their relatively low depth by doing away with drive bays lining the front side, and instead positioning them along the bottom, thereby creating room for long graphics cards.

Storage features on the Rosewill RISE include two 5.25-inch drive bays (from which one converts to 3.5-inch external), and two 3.5-inch bays, which each convert to 2.5-inch. An additional 2.5-inch drive can be bolted to the top of this cage. Cooling system includes three 120 mm front intakes (blue illuminated fans on the RISE Glow), a 140 mm rear exhaust, two 140 mm top exhausts, and an additional 80 mm rear exhaust. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0/1.1 ports, and HDA jacks.

Rosewill Wolfstone Gaming Case Innovates with Build Materials

Ever wish they made cases with the same abrasive, stone-like alloys that go into building bodies of certain high-end PSUs? Rosewill did just that, with its Wolfstone chassis. This ATX mid-tower features front and top panels made of thick alloys, which give it a stone-like finish. The bottom part of the front panel features cutouts shaped like wolf claw marks, which double up as front vents for the red LED fan behind them. Some pretty neat styling, in our book.

This ATX mid-tower can hold CPU coolers as tall as 180 mm, and if you pull out one of its two drive cages, graphics cards as long as 400 mm. It features eight 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays, spit between two cages, one of 5 bays, and the other of 3 bays. Internally, there are three 5.25-inch drive bays, however, just two 5.25-inch bezels on the front-panel. Cooling system includes a 120 mm front intake, two 140 mm top exhausts, a 120 mm bottom intake, and a 120 mm rear exhaust.

Rosewill Unveils Quark Series Fully Modular PSUs

Rosewill showed off its Quark line of relatively inexpensive Quark line of fully modular PSUs. Their biggest selling point is their 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating. The PSU also features diagnostic LEDs that show you load on each of its power domains. The units feature single +12V rail designs, come with two 8-pin EPS power connectors, apart from four to eight 8-pin PCIe power connectors, twelve SATA, and four Molex power connectors. The Quark series include three models - 750W, 850W, and 1000W.

Rosewill Unveils AIM Series Digital PSUs

Rosewill unveiled its own line of digital PSUs, which give you software monitoring and control over its various power domains, and fan-speed. Unlike Corsair's implementation, which involves an internal USB connection to your motherboard, and a Windows app, Rosewill did something similar to Cooler Master, by equipping its PSUs with Bluetooth modules, and Android apps, which let you tweak your PSU on your smartphone, so system instability doesn't come in the way of setting your PSU right, if something goes wrong.

The AIM series of digital PSUs comes in five models - 600W, 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1250W. It features partially modular cabling (the 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS, along with one pair of 8-pin PCIe power connectors, are fixed). The 600W comes with wiring for single high-end graphics card systems; 750W and 850W for two, 1000W for three, and 1250W for four. The units feature single 12V rail designs, and boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency ratings.

Rosewill Unveils Color Keycaps for Cherry MX-based Keyboards

To help organize and color-code your keyset, in case the simple F and J indices don't cut it for you, Rosewill unveiled Color Keycaps. Sold in 104-piece sets, in four colors - yellow, red, green, blue, and pink; the key-caps are compatible with all mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX switches. Rosewill showed off an example of a heavily color-coded keyboard. Interestingly, these key-caps don't appear to support back-lit illumination.

Rosewill Unveils RGB80 Compact Gaming Keyboard

Rosewill took serious strides in the direction of gaming peripherals this Computex, beginning with the RGB80 compact gaming keyboard. Featuring a signature Ducky (likely OEM) styling, the RGB80 is an 80-key mechanical keyboard. The Cherry MX Red keys are topped with RGB colors, letting you pick the color, apart from brightness, of the key back-lighting. Its likely Ducky roots can be traced back to its core-logic, which offers 10-key roll over (press up to 10 keys at once, without roll-over). The keyboard features a limited macro system, and common quick-access keys. The WASD keys stand out, with different key caps.

Rosewill Unveils New Gaming Products at BlizzCon 2013

The leading hardware solutions provider, Rosewill, will be showing their latest products at BlizzCon 2013. Rosewill will debut PC gaming and audio focused products for all to experience hands on. On the gaming front, Rosewill is showing the new BLACKHAWK Blue Special Edition mid tower gaming case. It's everything our fans love about the BLACKHAWK but with a bit of blue for the additional pop.

After a largely successful release of the RK-9000, RK-9000i, RK-9100 illuminated keyboard mechanical keyboards, Rosewill is showing the Apollo RK-9100x Mechanical Keyboard series and STRIKER RK-6000 mechanical keyboard. Apollo RK-9100x will have Cherry MX blue or brown and come illuminated in red or blue backlighting. It is fully programmable with macro support, multiple profile support, n-key rollover via a braided USB cable with gold connectors, USB pass-through ports, removable wrist wrest, and wrapped in a rubber textured enclosure. The STRIKER RK-6000 mechanical keyboard will also have fully programmable keys with macro support and include 8 textured keys for quick key location.

Rosewill Announces New Members of Throne Gaming Case Series

Rosewill announced availability of its Throne line of ATX full-tower cases, in four variants based on color trim, and the type of side-panel (clear acrylic window or mesh with an mounts); which include gunmetal window, black window, and white; next to the original black with mesh side-panel. Measuring 23.2 mm x 58.01 mm x 55.6 mm (WxDxH), and weighing in around 14 kg, Rosewill Throne supports large motherboard form-factors, including HPTX, XL-ATX, E-ATX, and SSI-CEB; besides conventional ATX form-factors.

The Throne features 10 internal 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays, and 3 external 5.25-inch bays. Ventilation includes a pair of 140 mm front intakes, a pair of 140 mm conveyors just behind the drive cage, a 140 mm rear exhaust, two 140 mm top exhausts, one 230 mm side intake (for variants with the mesh panel), and one 140 mm bottom intake. Front-panel connectivity includes two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0/1.1 ports, and HDA audio jacks.

Rosewill Gives Displays Freedom to Tilt, Pan, Swing, and Swivel

Rosewill, the leading brand of PC components and peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming peripherals, has released new display mounts to maximize your desk real estate. Rosewill has successfully brought to market many award winning computer cases, power supplies, computer accessories such as mechanical keyboards and gaming headsets and looking to expand on their success, they are bringing attention to another very essential component to desktop computers everywhere, the display.

Complimenting entry level gaming systems, workstations, and even high end gaming systems are 3 new Rosewill Display Mounts: RHMS-13001, RHMS-13002, and RHMS-13003. With a lightweight aluminum construction, C-clamp column support, quick snap configuration, ultrafast setup, and an elegantly designed framework, the Rosewill Display mounts are ready to free displays everywhere. With up to 44lbs and 30 inch display support, it will free your display from the static stand and allow it to tilt, pan, swing, swivel, can even adjust height on the fly with the Spring Mount Arm, or support a dual display setup. With the ability to position your monitor just right, it will also help reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain so you can game or work stronger and longer.
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