Friday, September 6th 2013

Thecus Announces N8900 NAS

IT decision makers are always under pressure when it comes to procurement of new IT-infrastructure. The pressure comes especially from the finance department that always wants an optimal price performance ratio and the IT-directors who expect the best suited hardware for their needs. So why should an enterprise incorporate the Thecus N8900 in their infrastructure?

The Thecus N8900 supports HA (High Availability), which guarantees you a higher uptime for your storage network by giving you the possibility of having 2 completely identical systems running at the same time- both interconnected by a high speed Ethernet connection. While one system is running as the master system and doing all the computing, the other system will constantly mirror the data onto its own drives. In case of a failure in the master system, they will change roles in a blink of an eye so that users will not even know that there was a switch of systems. After the takeover, engineers can easily recover the damaged system without the need to shut down any operations. Please note, however, that a high data-transfer rate is required for this feature (which is another reason why the Thecus N8900 supports lightning fast 10GbE technology).
Leverage greater capacity easily with Daisy-Chaining
Daisy-Chaining can easily be handled by the N8900, just use it as the master device and connect up to 4 Thecus D16000 to it in order to easily increase the storage capacity of your network. You can also connect several master devices together to achieve even greater capacities!

With simple and cost-saving capacity expansion, the ability to ensure an optimized uptime, and the strong performance of the Intel Dual-Core 3.3GHz processor supported by 8GB of DDR3 RAM, the N8900 is undoubtedly ready for all the requirements that enterprises face.

Protection for your entire system
For additional system stability, the Thecus N8900 features Dual DOM: The firmware and system configurations are stored twice on the device so that if the primary DOM gets damaged the system will still be able to function properly thanks to the backup.

When it comes to your data itself, the Thecus N8900 is a complete backup solution. With Acronis and Data Guard, local and even remote backups of your NAS are possible.

For more information on the Thecus N8900, please visit this page.
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I'm curious why they're announcing this product now when it apparently has been around since 4Q 2011 (look at the "Awards/Reviews" section of the product page). :confused:
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