Wednesday, September 11th 2013

Acer Previews Its First Chromebook With Intel Processors Based on Haswell

Acer America is previewing its first Chromebook with Intel processors based on the Haswell micro-architecture today at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum. This third-generation Chromebook results from collaboration between Acer, Intel and Google, bringing together the best in technology to usher in the next era of innovation in the thriving Chromebook market.

Acer has been a leader in the Chromebook space, developing one of the first offerings and educating the market on the devices' unique capabilities, strong feature set and ease-of-use. "The value proposition of the Acer Chromebook line resonates with consumers, education and a growing number of businesses, as more work is done by teams that collaborate, create and connect using a wide and varied range of apps for learning, research, fun and work," said Arif Maskatia, chief technology officer, Acer America. "The new Acer Chromebook will inspire greater innovation for developers and in turn, for our customers in numerous markets."
"The latest Chromebooks with Intel processors based on the Haswell micro-architecture enable sleek new designs with amazing battery life and improved performance," said Navin Shenoy, Vice President, PC Client Group, General Manager, Mobile Client Platform Division, Intel. The upcoming Acer Chromebook will be available in time for the holiday season.
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All of that and no mention of the actual processor is uses, that's kind of annoying.
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Probably a Celeron version of Haswell. They did this with the old ones, which used a dual-core Sandybridge based Celeron. I'd like to see Steam become available on ChromeOS, that way we can take advantage of the Hard Drives on these(Acer C7, Google Pixel) machines. Granted I don't expect to play Saints Row IV or Metro: Last Light on these, but I could see a dual-core Haswell-Based Celeron play Super Meat Boy, Dive Kick and Fez pretty well, especially since a lot of the smaller Steam games are also available on Linux....And I've played those games on a Sandybridge-Based Celeron desktop, so a Haswell one would be much better.
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