Friday, September 13th 2013

Corsair Updates Pricing on RM-Series Power Supplies

Corsair posted an update on pricing of its new ultra-quiet RM-series line of fully-modular power supplies, post their announcement. The RM450W is priced at US $99.99 (not $89.99), RM550W at $109.99 (not $99.99), RM650W at $119.99, RM750W at $129.99, RM850W at $159.99 (not $149.99), and RM1000W at $199.99 (not $164.99). Corsair erred. Positioned strangely between its HX- and AXi-Series, the RM-Series is characterized by a focus on silence. The 135 mm fan cooling these units don't spin unless they absolutely have to.
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2 Comments on Corsair Updates Pricing on RM-Series Power Supplies

Guess they realized there was more meat on the bone for mark-up. Corsair customers will eat it up!
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135mm fans suck because it's hard to find a replacement. I'm having that problem with my In Win Commander III 800W...
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