Friday, September 13th 2013

CM Storm Unveils the Ceres-300 and Ceres-500 Gaming Headsets

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announces the CM Storm Ceres-300 and Ceres-500 gaming headsets. Each headset contains a booming power infused sound to keep gamers in tune with in-game actions.

Immersive, Comfortable, Breathable
Large 40 mm drivers sit behind the booming power of the Ceres-300 and Ceres-500. Delve into your games, music, movies, and even internet calls with absolute clarity.
Following the Ceres-400, Ceres-300 comes with a more streamlined profile and glossy finished look. Thicker padded cushions and an adjustable headband means you'll game in absolute comfort with the perfect fit at any time. Powerful 40 mm drivers deliver high quality and booming sound. A detachable, flexible, and omni-directional microphone ensures clear and close communication with teammates.

Ceres-500 is designed with full ear coverage and breathable mesh ear cups that not only provide great comfort, but noise isolation as well. Its foldable, swivel ear cup design gives gamers easier storage and transportation around LAN parties or during downtimes in between battles. Ceres-500 offers a dual usage mode to switch between Console/PC mode. A built-in amplifier paired with 40 mm drivers provides gamers with a deep, full-range, and booming sound to give them the competitive edge in a match.

More information about the Ceres-300 and Ceres-500 can be found on our CM Storm Gaming Site:

Ceres-300 and Ceres-500, the choice for gamers that need the adrenaline rush and quality of the professional gaming arena contained in a competitively priced package.

Price and availability may vary based on region.
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Its all ooos and ahhhs till the mesh pads reek like a locker room. So glad Storm Sirius came with two sets. Clean one and use the other. I just hope CM Storm has finally made a detachable clip system that works and doesn't break. You can contact them for replacements rather easily but the plastic is just crap for it. Been better to just make a simple aluminum clip that lasts a lot longer than the plastic.
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