Tuesday, September 24th 2013

Lenovo and NextWorth Announce Consumer Electronics Trade-in Program

Lenovo, the largest PC manufacturer in the world today announced a new trade-in program agreement with NextWorth, a leader in consumer electronics upgrades and trade-ins. Geared toward making laptop and tablet upgrades more affordable, the online trade-in program, powered by NextWorth, is now available at Lenovo Trade-in Program.

The Lenovo trade-in program managed by NextWorth allows customers to conveniently trade-in used laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, music players, digital cameras and more online and receive Lenovo eGift Cards for the value of their used gadgets. By turning used electronics into gift cards, customers can affordably upgrade to the latest Lenovo laptops and tablets. The easy-to-use platform allows customers to receive an instant quote for their electronics as well as a free, prepaid shipping label to mail devices into NextWorth.
"We're thrilled Lenovo has chosen NextWorth to power its trade-in program as the company embraces device trade-in as a critical sales tool," said Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth. "Customers are more likely to upgrade their laptops and other electronics sooner when they receive money for older items, and our industry-leading pricing and easy-to-use interface put us ahead of the pack for partnering with Lenovo. We are looking forward to innovating the market with Lenovo and creating newfound value for customers."

"As technology refreshes with greater frequency, our customers are looking for ways to future-proof their purchases as well as be environmentally sensitive," said Lewis Broadnax, executive director, Lenovo.com. "We have looked at various options and NextWorth offers a very effective service as well as a great user experience. We are looking forward to the benefits that our partnership with NextWorth will bring to our existing and future customers."

NextWorth's services, such as its program with Lenovo, bring the reuse of electronics into the mainstream, reducing e-waste and increasing the lifetime use of electronics. By trading in with NextWorth electronic products are diverted from the waste stream and re-directed from the landfill. These programs instead place devices into the hands of new users, increasing the lifetime use of products, which preserves natural resources. If a product is deemed to have no resale value, a certified recycling partner will responsibly recycle the product.

At launch, the Lenovo trade-in program offers a limited time $20 bonus value for any competitor's laptop traded in. Customers simply need to enter "TRADEINFORLENOVO"at checkout.
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Unfortunately with the worldwide economic meltdown still going strong, the PC industry is desperate to generate sales. Trade-ins usually are more promise than actual value but under the right circumstances some folks can benefit.
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Site feedback: A serious GLOBAL media like TPU may post LOCAL newsitems (if somehow relevant to all of us of course) but not without reference to which state, country or hemisphere this applies to! How about some flag-icons when the news is local, so we don't lose time? :toast:

BTW, I clicked NextWorth.com in google (first hit) and "access denied"... Zzzzzzz :laugh:
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