Friday, September 27th 2013

Thermaltake Unveils the Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad

Thermaltake, being an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units introduces from the same Massive series, Massive TM Laptop cooling pad, designed with Thermaltake the first ever adjustable temperature sensor, display control panel, aluminum design and dual 120 mm temperature regulated fans to suit user's preference in accordance with the laptop size or various heat generated points to create the best thermal performance. The excellent ergonomic design makes the most comfortable viewing angle and hand position.

Massive TM builds with the first Thermaltake adjustable temperature sensor monitoring up to four different areas, pin-point the hottest part of user's notebook (0° C ~99° C). The easy and smart multi-function display panel that showing information from each sensor, as well as lock button and fan control.
Extreme Ventilation
Two 12 cm temperature regulated fans built in the middle of Massive TM for maximum speed up to 1300 RPM, enabling laptop to produce cold air and create the best cooling performance.

Ergonomic Humanity
Massive TM designed with all ergonomic concepts, test out three appropriate ways for user, with the best visual angle and the height position of the hand, it is totally comfortable.

Hexagon shape mesh for maximize airflow
Massive TM is designed with brushed aluminum panel for added elegance. Large area of hexagonal shape cooling mesh reduces wind resistance and wind noise, increase airflow through the area.

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2 Comments on Thermaltake Unveils the Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad

~Technological Technocrat~
Over the top much TT??

I understand if you want to integrate better speakers into your cooler - Laptop speakers are quite woeful as best. better speakers is always welcome - as for digital temp readouts and the rest of the push button malarky you got going nobody cares about all that stuff, Its irrelevant to the base functionality of a laptop cooler.

All a laptop cooler needs to do is sit underneath the laptop and move the otherwise stagnant air around so you have constant airflow over the laptops cooling vents. Im not gonna be glancing at the temp read out every 5mins its running like an excited schoolboy.

this is no better than having an actual working speedometer on one of those large 6v electric cars that you get for your kid to rid around in it. You know it does go above 5mph so whats the point of incurring additional costs to production when you can have something cheap which does the job with maybe some added functionality in the form of better quality speakers. but a digi temp read out?

Nobody cares
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TPU addict
Bah should of used bigger fans and not that read out crap.
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