Wednesday, October 2nd 2013

G.Skill TridentX Most Popular Overclocking Memory for 3 Years in a Row

G.SKILL TridentX tops the charts at HWBOT as the most popular memory model used by overclockers to submit benchmark results on the Haswell platform this year. Maintaining a healthy 20-22% usage rate by both number of results and number of users, G.SKILL TridentX dominates the charts with a nearly 10% lead over the trailing competition. Not only is TridentX the most popular memory choice for overclocking on the Haswell platform, other G.SKILL memory kit models also populate the chart, for a total of five spots in the top ten most popular memory by overclocking result.

Overall, G.SKILL has maintained its lead as the most preferred overclocking DDR3 memory brand in the overclocking community at HWBot since 2011. For more detailed information, please refer to this page.
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I am not surprized at all - cadaveca will give me right :)
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I am still in ivy platform, would there be benefit if I purchase these Rams? and OC them? my mobo does support OC ram. or it is only beneficial to haswells?
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Extensive testing of real application by numerous sources shows there is no tangible system performance benefit for typical desktop PCs for DDR3 RAM with frequencies higher than 1600 MHz. unless you are using an APU where the GPU section can use the added bandwidth up to ~2133 MHz. Because DDR3 @ 1600 MHz. is not a system bottleneck, there is only a minute benefit from faster RAM, thus RAM faster than 1600 MHz. is a total waste of money unless you can buy it for the same price as 1600 MHz. RAM.

This high frequency RAM is really only of value for entertainment purposes, not for practical desktop PC use. The RAM suppliers are desperate for sales in a down economy so they have really been hyping higher frequency RAM for the past few years as it has a high profit margin since it costs the same to produce as the std. DDR3 RAM. It's just speed binned and has silly heatsinks attached.

Anyone who doubts the worthlessness of higher than 1600 MHz. RAM only needs to conduct their own test with real applications, not bogus RAM benches which assume that the RAM is 100% saturated all of the time, when in fact in actual use it's not even close to being saturated 100% of the time and that is why it's not a system bottleneck.
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Ironically, the only time highly overclocked memory provides a tangible performance increase is when it is paired with an low end APU but the pricing of these high performance models make them impractical for such builds. :nutkick:
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I bought my GSkill years ago, they were the best I could get my hands on: 2GBx2 1600 6-8-6-24-1T. Haven't found anything better worth buying.
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It's nice to see them simply stating that G.Skill is commonly used among high scoring results rather than trying to tout some ridiculous claim that it's the "Fastest Memory Ever" or "Best Memory".

With that said, I haven't had any issues with my G.Skill sticks. On Desky, I set some pretty low latencies for the speed and it hasn't given me any grief at all. That makes me pretty happy.
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