Wednesday, November 13th 2013

SilverStone Introduces the Argon AR04 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

SilverStone Technology has now announced the AR04, a new CPU cooler part of the Argon Series that is only 23 mm tall. This HTPC-friendly cooler features two 6 mm direct-touch copper heatpipes, aluminum fins, and an 80 mm Sleeve Bearing fan that can operate at 1500 to 3400 RPM (maximum sound output is 26 dBA), and supports Intel LGA 115X processors with a TDP of up to 65 W.

The Argon AR04 can be found at (it's out of stock at the time of writing) bearing a price tag of $26.99.
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8 Comments on SilverStone Introduces the Argon AR04 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Are there any reviews on it? It would be perfect for my HTPC, currently using a stock one because that's all they had at Microcenter that would fit the case.
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Need reviews, it doesn't seem like it will be better than a stock cooler.
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^ i agree, seems like the fins are just too dam little.
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The fins are pretty thick if you look closely.
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I like it. It's a good compromise between not wanting a stock cooler and looking for something small for the ITX rig. That said, except for the lower sound footprint, I don't really think it's that better than a stock cooler. Even the sound is a little arguable, since if you manage to lower the stock cooler to 1400-1500 rpm it's actually pretty quiet on its own.
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The Exiled Airman
would be good as a GPU or chipset cooler id say
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This will be a perfect cooler to Steam Machines much better that what the original of reference..:cool:
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