Tuesday, November 26th 2013

ALLBenchmark Rolls Out Catzilla EVGA Edition

EVGA has teamed up with ALLBenchmark, the developer of the popular Catzilla benchmark, to release an official EVGA version. Catzilla, a cross-API benchmark designed for OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 9 or 11, and Windows operating systems (64-bit and 32-bit Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista), is a quick, yet comprehensive benchmarking program that uses algorithms found in the latest PC video games, so users can see how their PCs will handle the most demanding games.

Following Catzilla's simple 500 MB download, a PC's hardware is tested with an epic video of two battling "Catzillas". The video, with advanced HD graphics, fiery particle effects and explosive scenes, serves as an entertaining animated short as well as the basis for the comprehensive benchmark test. Platige Image - the award-winning studio behind graphics seen in several video games, commercials, animations and films, including The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 - created the artwork in the Catzilla video.
After the test, which takes just a few minutes, Catzilla provides instant benchmark results, and hardware and software recommendations. With just one click, users can tweak their PC settings for more "oomph". This includes installing the latest drivers, setting the appropriate amount of cache, increasing free disk space, and changing the color depth and resolution. Catzilla also can recommend the latest hardware that can increase performance.

Note that during the physics test, the buildings depicted in the benchmark will behave differently depending on the computational power of users' PCs. On slow systems the buildings will almost stay intact. On powerful ones, the buildings will collapse to the ground.

The free EVGA version of the Catzilla benchmark allows users to run the 720p test and compare it with others. Higher resolution EVGA versions of the Catzilla benchmark are also available in the basic and advanced versions. Users can upgrade to higher resolution versions from within the benchmark itself.

Download EVGA's official free version of Catzilla at this page.
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3 Comments on ALLBenchmark Rolls Out Catzilla EVGA Edition

Catzilla is SO awesome. My personal favourite from the benchmarks so far. Go go Catzilla! :)
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must have downloaded from a bad site or mirror cause i picked up some unwanted extras and catzillia had near free reign access to my google account. So i nuked it.
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i use Catzilla standard in team with my facebook account (with proper privacy setting ... unlike the people who scream "eeeekkk you post on facebook and the whole world know, eeeekkkk!!!") i didn't tried with G+

i had Tiger *** with a SLI of 580 Matrix Plat. and Catzilla * with my 770 but in 720p ;) i need to upgrade for 1080p (choosing between Cat and 3dMark to upgrade xD)

EVGA edition ? woohoo money for both side, and better perf from EVGA cards ??? ahahahah, that would be ridiculous to see a 770 FTW having better score than any other OC 770 with the same clock in a equivalent system... i know they will not do that but the idea is funny :D
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