Friday, November 29th 2013

Tranquil PC Next-Generation NUC Cases Now Available

Experience the 'Next Unit of Computing' with the power of Haswell and a Tranquil PC passive enclosure. Silent, svelte and now compatible with the 4th Generation Haswell Processors, the all new Tranquil PC NUC case is a brilliant opportunity for the discerning buyer to build their own small form factor PC, capable to support a wide range of purposes, the new NUC packs quite a punch for it's size.
This ultra-compact, low power consumption PC offers a world of opportunity for the user. Consider the Haswell NUC - it's tiny, yet still powerful offering a fanless design (self efficient in passively cooling the chipset), meaning the NUC is a popular choice for a low cost, robust and reliable PC. There are many potential uses for the Haswell NUC in the Tranquil chassis, here are just a few of the many examples:
  • An exceptional media renderer - 'hidden' behind your TV, offering excellent integrated graphics and processing performance to match.
  • A high quality desktop PC - offering low power consumption, high performance graphics, intense processing capabilities and an attractive compact design.
  • A digital signage solution for a huge variety of environments - shops, restaurants, gyms, bars etc.
  • A perfect industrial PC - the fanless enclosure ensures dust is not a concern for the durability and lifespan of the unit as well as prolonging the 'typical' lifespan of the components, board and chipset.
We also offer pre-configured versions of our NUC chassis, see our ABEL 'H Series', buy a fully built i3-4140U Haswell NUC from just £399.00. For more information, visit this page.
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I really like the monolithic design that Tranquill has, but it would also be nice to see combined copper/aluminium version, similar to this one:

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