Saturday, November 30th 2013

Fujitsu Launches the CELSIUS H730 Mobile Workstation

Fujitsu today announced the launch in Japan of the CELSIUS H730, a new model from its FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS series of enterprise PCs to be made available from mid-December. The new laptop PC comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 8.1 OS. It provides a mobile environment for technical computational work and can handle a wide range of tasks, from typical office work to CAD and CAE applications.

Equipped with the latest high-performance Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro Processor and cutting-edge NVIDIA Kepler generation Quadro graphics, in addition to a hybrid HDD for high-speed booting and fast processing, the CELSIUS H730 enables an even higher performance work environment. In addition, the computer supports a host of authentication features, such as Fujitsu's proprietary compact palm vein authentication sensor, thereby delivering enhanced security capabilities.
The CELSIUS H730 is also the first model in the CELSIUS series to have a stylish and slim design, ideally suited for portability both at the office and while on the go as a workstation that combines both superior performance and mobility. Users can take advantage of the PC for a wide range of applications across industries and work scenarios, such as presenting to a customer using high-definition 3D data and bringing the workstation to a meeting room to discuss simulation and analysis results.

Product Features

1. Higher performance with the latest CPU, graphics accelerator and hybrid HDD

(1) Available with the latest 4th generation Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro processor
Users can optionally upgrade from the standard high-performance Intel Core i7-4800MQ vPro or i5-4300M vPro to a custom-made configuration featuring the even higher-performance Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro Processor or i7-4600M vPro Processor CPUs. Even within this mobile environment, these processors can rapidly process business applications that support multiple cores, delivering a stress-free work environment.

(2) Available with the latest NVIDIA Kepler generation Quadro graphics
Users have the option of upgrading from the standard NVIDIA Quadro K510M graphics accelerator for 3D graphics to a NVIDIA Quadro K2100M or K1100M graphics accelerator. These allow for CAD, CAE, and analytic-simulation software to run quickly and smoothly.

(3) Optional hybrid HDD for high-speed booting and processing
As an option, the workstation can be custom equipped with a hybrid HDD that brings together a high-capacity HDD and flash memory disk. This, in turn, makes it possible to take advantage of the high-volume data storage capabilities of a HDD while leveraging the faster boot time and data processing speeds of flash memory.

2. Enhanced security features that support a host of authentication capabilities

The CELSIUS H730 comes standard-equipped with a fingerprint authentication sensor, security chip and smart card slot. The PC comes with a custom-made fingerprint sensor and can be customized to have a built-in compact palm vein authentication sensor instead. By leveraging Fujitsu's proprietary high-speed imaging technology and authentication algorithms, this compact palm vein authentication sensor makes it possible to accurately perform personal authentication by simply holding the palm of one's hand over the device, without having physical contact.

Through this rich selection of high-performance security capabilities, the workstation can provide a safe and secure environment for guarding the user's important information.

3. Slim and stylish design

Even with the workstation's multi-bay construction, cutting-edge NVIDIA Quadro K2100M graphics accelerator and 32 GB (8 GB x 4) of memory, the CELSIUS H730 measures approximately 24.8 mm at its thinnest point. The PC features a high-class design made from metallic elements on its shell and palm rest. The palm rest features a hairline finish, and together with an isolation keyboard and unique coloring for the sides of keyboard keys, the result is a stylish design. Furthermore, the shell is tough enough to withstand load testing of roughly 200-kgf, making it ideal for mobile use.

4. Greater ease of use through a distinctive Fujitsu design

The workstation has been made easier to use through an isolation keyboard that reduces typing errors thanks to the wide spacing between its keys, as well as unique coloring for the sides of keyboard keys, which improves the visibility of the keyboard in addition to enhancing its design value. The PC's touchpad is wider than previous models, and its three-button design makes it easier to use with 3D CAD and other applications. In addition, through an innovative interior design that allows for efficient heat dissipation via distributed heat source placement and a rear air vent, the palm rest is less prone to heating up and the PC is quieter than previous models during operations(3). This makes it possible to maintain a comfortable work environment.

Moreover, the CELSIUS H730 comes standard with a battery utility that can display battery information and calculate battery depletion. By suspending charging when the battery is at 80% capacity, the battery's lifespan can be extended by approximately 50%. Thanks to NVIDIA Optimus technology, which automatically adjusts graphics settings depending on the application workload, the PC can achieve even greater power savings.

Pricing and Availability
Suggested Retail Price (excl. tax) - From 333,800 JPY
Availability - Mid-December
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