Monday, January 20th 2014

SHARKOON Readies the Vaya II and Vaya II Value PC Cases

SHARKOON Technologies is currently preparing the release of its second-generation Vaya midi-tower PC cases, the Vaya II and Vaya II Value. Both models measure 470 (L) x 205 (W) x 437 (H) mm and feature four 5.25-inch drive bays, one 2.5-inch and four 3.5-inch trays for storage devices (HDDs/SSDs/SSHDs), seven PCI slots, one pre-installed 120 mm LED-equipped front fan, and three pre-drilled holes on the rear panel for water-cooling tubing.

The Vaya II has a front panel with two USB 2.0 ports and comes in black while the Vaya II Value has dual USB 3.0 ports, includes an acrylic side window, and will be available in black and 'GunMetal'.
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6 Comments on SHARKOON Readies the Vaya II and Vaya II Value PC Cases

Gaming Moderator
Swear to god I've seen that case before...
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side panel is ok, internal - for value is ok, color is fine
but front panel is bad bad bad bad.. better flat front panel than like that
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
It looks like one of those computer terminal things from Doom 3.
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Meh, just get a Xigmatek Asgard if you want a cheap case.
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Marty 1480
Look like nice entry level cases. I like the chunky front look.
Also the gunmetal with window is not bad. I just wonder how the cable management is in it.
Might be good value.
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Looks cheap and gaudy.
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