Wednesday, January 29th 2014

Rapoo Debuts the H6080 and H6020 Wireless Headphones

Rapoo's H6080 and H6020 Bluetooth headphones are the ideal audio solution for music lovers while at home or on the go. The lightweight headphones provide users with a high quality, wireless audio experience.

The H6080 Bluetooth 4.0 headphones are ideal for taking music on the go. Available in yellow, blue or gray, the headphones feature a foldable, compact design for easy storage in any purse, backpack or carry on. The Bluetooth headphones boast COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology which delivers clear, bright treble and deep, mellow bass for high quality audio anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the headphones are voice activated and allow users to answer or reject a call by simply saying "yes" or "no."
The H6020 Bluetooth 2.1 headphones, available in blue or black, boast a minimalistic style with a thin band and comfortable, cylindrical ear cups. When paired with the user's smartphone, the headphones switch automatically from music to call mode for added convenience and hands-free calling capabilities. The headphones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing up to 6 hours of listening enjoyment.

The Rapoo H6080 and H6020 Bluetooth Headphones are available now at for $49.99 MSRP.
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2 Comments on Rapoo Debuts the H6080 and H6020 Wireless Headphones

Marty 1480
Love the fresh minimalist look. Time to head to Wal-Mart I guess.
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You simply cannot sell anything to English speaking markets with the word "Poo" in it.

To be clear - "Poo" is alternate word for "Feces" in English, if you are not a native English speaker.

You WILL lose sales because of this.

No self respecting anybody will want anyone to know that they have RaPOO on their head.

I realise that the origin of the name is NOT English, but if you want products to be embraced by a foreign market sometimes you need to pay attention to these things. A simple "Trading As" could easily fix all of this.

Yes it is childish, and stupid, and but it is also true. Would you buy a phone from "MolEster Tech" even if it was the cheapest best device on the planet - NO, almost all of you would not.

"Hi, look at my fantastic new MolEster phone!"

Yeah - no - that's not happening... and poo is in the same boat I'm afraid...
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