Tuesday, February 18th 2014

EVGA Also Launches Five GeForce GTX TITAN Black Models

EVGA also launched no less than five GeForce GTX TITAN Black graphics card models, spanning between NVIDIA's reference board design, and the company's own HydroCopper cooling solution that's ready for liquid cooling. The series begins with the $999 GTX TITAN Black base model, which sticks to NVIDIA reference clock speeds of 889/980/7000 MHz (core/boost/memory); followed by the GTX TITAN Black SC, featuring clock speeds of 967/1072/7000 MHz, and a $1019.99 price tag; the GTX TITAN Black SC Signature with similar clocks but added goodies, priced at $1069.99; the GTX TITAN Black HydroCopper, featuring a staggering 1006/1111/7000 MHz clock speeds and its Signature variant. EVGA didn't finalize pricing on the HydroCopper duo, yet.
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2 Comments on EVGA Also Launches Five GeForce GTX TITAN Black Models

I like these their boxes too... I would like if they start to pack everything in these huge black boxes...
That's box not bottle of votka and airplane like I buy toys for 6-7 years old kid. These are toys for people and should look like that.
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i will finalize the price: $2000
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