Monday, February 24th 2014

HighPoint RocketStor 6328 Streamlines Thunderbolt 2 Storage Integration

HighPoint continues to expand its market leading Thunderbolt product line with the introduction of the industry's first Thunderbolt 2 hardware RAID storage Adapter - the RocketStor 6328. The RocketStor 6328 was designed to streamline Thunderbolt integration, enabling customers to easily upgrade or transfer existing storage configurations to high-performance Thunderbolt 2 capable computing platforms. Customers migrating to the latest generation Mac Pro platforms need a way to access existing storage configurations. While compact and extremely powerful, 2013 Mac Pros no longer support internal PCIe host adapters. Customers looking to accommodate existing hardware or in need of storage expansion will need Thunderbolt solutions capable of supporting a multitude of SAS and SATA SSD and hard drive configurations.

HighPoint Thunderbolt Adapter solutions enable customers with 2013 Mac Pro's, small form factor workstations, and portable Thunderbolt platforms take full advantage of their existing storage configurations - all from a single Thunderbolt connection! HighPoint's revolutionary RocketStor 6328 Thunderbolt 2 hardware RAID adapter enables Thunderbolt platforms to support any generation of SAS and SATA storage device - from cost-effective eSATA and port multiplier enclosures, to enterprise-scale SAS expander rack mount chassis.

Integrating existing storage configurations has never been easier
The RocketStor's 6328 built-in hardware RAID controller takes full advantage of Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, delivering the robust performance, simplicity and expandability customers need to satisfy the demands of their I/O intensive storage applications. The RocketStor 6328 enables Thunderbolt host systems to accommodate an incredible range of hardware RAID and JBOD storage configurations via SATA Port Multiplier, SAS Expander and direct Mini-SAS connectivity - all from a single Thunderbolt port! The dual SFF-8088 external Mini-SAS connectors directly support up to 8 SAS or SATA drives, up to 20 via Port-Multiplier capable eSATA enclosures, and as many as 128 via SAS-Expander cascade connections.

Fully Thunderbolt Certified by Intel and Apple
HighPoint Thunderbolt product lines offer the peace of mind and hassle-free integration demanded by today's leading media professionals. The RocketStor 6328, like all HighPoint Thunderbolt products, has been rigorously tested, and found to be fully TBT Compliant, for both Windows and Mac platforms, and is fully compatible with all Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 host systems.

Built-in Hardware RAID Capability
HighPoint's industry-proven RAID technology, backed by their innovative TerabyteGuard Data security suite, delivers the uncompromised bandwidth and unflinching reliability demanded by performance intensive 4K media applications. The RocketStor 6328 integrated hardware RAID controller supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD configurations and supports any industry standard Mini-SAS or eSATA storage enclosure.

The HighPoint RocketStor 6328 is scheduled to begin shipping in March 2014.
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