Thursday, March 13th 2014

Western Digital Introduces the My Passport AV-TV USB 3.0 Drive

WD, a Western Digital company, and world leader in storage solutions for the connected life, today introduced My Passport AV-TV, a high-performance, compact media drive designed to simplify storage and playback of hundreds of hours of TV entertainment by connecting the My Passport AV-TV to TV's with a USB recording feature.

The My Passport AV-TV offers plug-and-play simplicity for easy integration and is available in 500 GB and 1 TB capacities. My Passport AV-TV is engineered for AV applications with high-speed error recovery and continuous streaming command support, providing accurate recording and smooth video playback of recorded content. Additionally, My Passport AV-TV uses less power and stays cool - even in a hot entertainment center full of electronic devices.
The drive's super-fast USB 3.0 connection works with recordable TVs to facilitate storage on devices with multiple HD streams for users who connect their My Passport AV-TV to a dual-tuner television. This allows customers to store recordings from two different channels at the same time, or watch a previously recorded show while simultaneously recording a live show.

Sleek and ultra-compact, My Passport AV-TV fits neatly in or near any entertainment center. The drive can be mounted on the back of the TV with the included, standardized TV bracket, placed upright using the included tabletop stand, or positioned horizontally, to maximize airflow and minimize heat from other electronics near the drive.

"TV lovers want to enjoy their shows at a time convenient to them," said Jim Welsh, WD executive vice president, Branded Products and Worldwide Sales. "Timeshifting, plus the popularity of global events and international sporting events, is increasing consumer demand for recordable TVs and optimized drives. Our customers want a fast and reliable solution. The high-performance My Passport AV-TV - specifically-designed for this application - is the result of their requests."

Compatibility and Availability
For the latest list of compatible recordable TV sets and AV devices, visit My Passport AV-TV will be available at major consumer electronics resellers and distributors as well as online at
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3 Comments on Western Digital Introduces the My Passport AV-TV USB 3.0 Drive

You know what would sell really well?

An external hard drive like this (2, 3, 4TB) but with a memory card reader (USB 3.0) that copies your cards straight to your drive without any external hardware needed.

Would be a field photographer/videographer's dream. Great for holidays too.
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to be honest that has been doen before, there where first:

portable cd burner with sdcard/ cf card slots (and of course laptop battery attached to it)

portable hard drives with "USB Host mode" and card readers but they where all usb 2.0

i say there where to "niche" market for the standard back then, and now a days?
Well who doesn't own a smart phone that can run with an card reader attached?....

for yourself, just buy an usb hdd that runs on "bus power only" like this one,

there are little boxes to copy your files from flashcards to usb sticks
(just stick in you hdd as they can provide 5V 500mA) voila portable HDD with chip card reader and usb3.0 on you pc.... yet to niche for me :p

Thank you WD, the drives with y-leads are just bananas =>"I HATE THEM"

we have those at work with 500GB up to 2TB with Y-USB cables.... nooooo only one usb on my laptop side.....

and guess what happens they fail all the time with damaged hdds inside of them, had a couple of 1,8" SATA ones inside a 2,5" HDD enclosure... what a day :-( friday
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Now there is wireless stright fom your DSLR to your drive
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