Wednesday, March 19th 2014

SPEEDLINK Presents the New CONIUX Gaming Headset

- Last year SPEEDLINK presented its first full gaming line-up. With two new mice and three keyboards the gaming line-up was impressive, both technically and visually, with its consistent red/black design. The new CONIUX gaming headset also features this red/black design, slotting perfectly into the existing gaming line-up. SPEEDLINK has long since established itself as a leading headset manufacturer with the now globally famous and renowned MEDUSA headsets - with the CONIUX it now offers a headset that is outstanding value for money (RRP €29.99) which will also delight newcomers. The CONIUX is incredibly comfortable and extremely effective at shielding out background noise - enabling gamers to immerse themselves fully in their virtual world and, thanks to the CONIUX, forget about the limits of time and space.

Red/black design, sleek yet premium: this is how SPEEDLINK presents its new CONIUX gaming headset. The gaming headset is ultra comfortable thanks to the earcups' high-grade padding plus its low weight of 230g. In addition, its closed-cup design means background noise doesn't stand a chance of getting through. Equipped with a sensitive microphone, the CONIUX offers crystal-clear voice transmission. What's more, the mic is also flexible. The stereo audio with its thumping bass and voluminous sound is perfect for any situation. Friends won't feel left out either during intense gaming sessions or while listening to music as the mic lets the user chat to them between sessions via Skype, ICQ or Yahoo. Regardless of which one is preferred, the headset is compatible with all popular platforms.
Thanks to the flexible headband, the CONIUX adjusts to fit any head shape perfectly, still sitting comfortably and securely even after long gaming sessions. And when it comes to the cable, SPEEDLINK remains true to its word in this area too with the 2.3m cable offering more than enough freedom to move around when gaming, listening to music and even Skyping with friends. The CONIUX is available now from retailers for an RRP of €29.99.
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