Monday, April 7th 2014

EVGA Offers ACX Cooling Solution for GeForce TITAN Black

With NVIDIA's restrictions that prevent AIC partners from coming up with custom-design GeForce GTX TITAN Black graphics cards (with the exception of those with factory-fitted full-coverage water-blocks) in place, EVGA is taking a route explored by GIGABYTE last year, when it bundled NVIDIA-kosher (reference design) GTX TITAN cards with its WindForce 450 cooling solution detached, that the users can install by themselves. EVGA's approach is a tiny bit different. Its GTX TITAN Black-branded ACX cooler is sold separately, as an accessory for the company's reference-design cards; at a rather affordable price of US $39.99. The package includes the dual-fan aluminium fin heatsink, and a heatspreader to cool the memory and VRM.
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7 Comments on EVGA Offers ACX Cooling Solution for GeForce TITAN Black

thekaidis said:
Not a backplate.
How do you figure?
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Razorfang said:
How do you figure?
It's a reinforcing base plate. Goes on the business side of the card and then the cooler is installed over it.

Here's the ACX 780 version:

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Mislead article. There is no backplate :|
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Titan Black uses the same PCB as the reference 780Ti, yes? I might pick one up for mine if it's compatible.
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