Thursday, April 24th 2014

Raijintek Unveils Morpheus VGA Cooler

Raijintek unveiled the Morpheus universal VGA cooler. Featuring a large aluminium fin stack that's arranged along the length of the PCB, in a way that directs hot to the top of the card, it features a total of 129 aluminium fins, and six nickel-plated copper heat pipes of 6 mm thickness. The heat pipes draw heat from a nickel-plated copper base, from which their ends pass through two sections of the fin-stack. The stack is so big, that it can be ventilated using a pair of 120 mm fans. If the fans are 25 mm thick, like most 120 mm fans in the market, then a card cooled by the Morpheus could need three or more slots in your system. In addition to the meaty heatsink, you get 24 little heatsinks for memory chips and MOSFETs.

Among the single-GPU cards Raijintek Morpheus supports, are Radeon R9 290 series, R9 280 series, R9 270 series, HD 7900 series, HD 7800 series; GeForce GTX TITAN and TITAN Black, GTX 780 and 780 Ti, GK104-based cards such as GTX 770, GTX 760, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660 Ti, and more. Measuring 254 mm x 98 mm x 44 mm (WxDxH), the main heatsink weighs 515 g.
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now a Prolimatech MK-13/Alpenfön Peter clone, well depending on the pricing/build quality and compatibility it could be a good one.
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Raijintek home side has punch of more pictures and whole specs:
Are you sure it supports radeon r9-280 series or geforce titans, nor installing manual or specs sheet mentions those.

Quite interesting thing nonetheless, wondering if it can keep r9-270/gtx660 cool passive.
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Just get an Arctic Accelero Xtreme 4.

I been using Arctic VGA Coolers for nearly 10 Years (since the 7800 GTX) and they are the best VGA Air Coolers you can get.
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Just to show how ridiculously large this cooler is when fastened to a R9 290X:,testberichte-241525-4.html
Oh, but the VRM heat sink is so sweeeet!... Even if it only works with their super height stand-off.

Love to see that VRM H-S for a Kraken G10. Everywhere I search I don't ever seem to find great heat-sinks for VRM's does anyone know of some aftermarket offerings?
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It looks like an upgraded Thermalright T-RAD2.
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