Thursday, April 24th 2014

OCZ Launches the RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD

OCZ Storage Solutions - a Toshiba Group Company and leading provider of high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced the RevoDrive 350 Series with workstation-grade design capabilities and maximum performance for professional content creation, multimedia, and extreme gaming applications. Achieving three times the performance of SATA-based SSD solutions, RevoDrive 350 is based on proven performance architecture and features 19 nm Toshiba NAND to complete OCZ's portfolio transition to in-house flash, offering a high-performance yet cost-efficient SSD solution for bandwidth-intensive client applications.

Using the PCI Express Gen. 2 x8 interface and up to four LSI SF-2282 processors to offer more available bandwidth than the previous generation, RevoDrive 350 features up to 1.8GB/s sequential speeds and up to 140,000 4K random write IOPS, delivering SSD RAID performance without the hassle in an easy-to-deploy, single card solution.
Enabling both performance and functionality for applications ranging from scientific computing to extreme gaming systems, this workstation-class storage product accelerates application performance and takes full advantage of today's multithreaded processors and software, supporting up to 50 GB of host writes per day for 3 years to provide leading endurance for media professionals over less robust consumer SSDs.

"The new RevoDrive 350 is built using proven technology with the added benefit of utilizing in-house premium Toshiba flash and OCZ's proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0 to deliver highly efficient performance aggregation while reducing the burden on host resources," said Daryl Lang, Senior Vice President of Product Management for OCZ Storage Solutions. "This next generation PCIe SSD is the ideal solution for performance-minded users looking to maximize both bandwidth and density for the complete gamut of gaming, content creation and workstation applications."

VCA 2.0 effectively makes the RevoDrive 350's multi-controller design appear and act as a single drive to the host system to enable drive-level management features such as secure erase, SMART, and TRIM. In addition to mass data storage, the RevoDrive 350 can also be used as bootable device, promoting ultra-fast system boot-ups.

Improving on the previous generation, RevoDrive 350 features a sleek integrated heatsink that provides a more stable and cooler thermal SSD environment, and includes optimized drivers redesigned from the ground up with new Linux support in addition to Windows OS. Available in 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 GB capacities, RevoDrive 350 provides ample space, and comes backed by a 3-year warranty.
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How long does it takes to boot Windows, considering that the RAID drivers are taking so long to load?
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All my questions answered with the exception of price,....
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Octavean said:
All my questions answered with the exception of price,....

You may expect the following prices, MSRP:
  • 240 GB - 529 USD 2.20 / GB
  • 480 GB - 829 USD 1.72 / GB
  • 960 GB - 1299 USD 1.35 / GB
These are rough MSRP prices. You'll receive a three year carry-in warranty with this drive. Albeit steep, keep in mind that in 2011 a 960 GB RevoDrive X2 did cost 3000 USD.
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Looks like this is not a big upgrade (if at all) to the nearly 3 year old OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2... o_O

Still the same tech with those old fashioned SF2000 controllers (Now from LSI, yeah!), still VCA 2.0 with hypothetical support for TRIM and SCSI unmap albeit not supported on Windows/Linux. Not impressed!
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