Tuesday, April 29th 2014

Alphacool Announces its GPU Cooler Customization Service

Alphacool International GmbH, Germany announces the launch of the custom GPU service. For many years Alphacool has noticed a gap in the market for watercooling solutions for lower end or nonreference designed graphics cards. Until recently the high cost of developing specialised full cover watercooling blocks has forced manufacturers to focus only on producing blocks for the higher end cards. With new patented technology Alphacool have the ability to fill this gap in the market by producing full cover waterblocks for any non-reference or lower end graphics card.

The cooler comprises of three parts shown in the image below. Firstly the waterblock is designed around the 'core only' concept but is used in conjunction with the custom made base plate that is made specifically for each type of GPU ensuring the perfect fit. A custom made back plate is also included in the package at no extra cost.
The specially designed cooling block will serve two uses, firstly to cool the core of the GPU and secondly to cool the copper plate which is fixed to the aluminimum base (no water is in contact with the aluminimum at any point). The mosfets on the card will be cooled to the same level as they would be on an air cooled graphics card running its fan at full speed while the core and ram would see a temperature drop in the region of 30-40c. The block has also been designed to work universally so when you upgrade your card you will be able to buy just the plates you need. Alphacool will be launching this range based on any Nvidia card 7XX or above or any AMD card 2XX or above. Nvidia 750 Ti Solutions for reference cards will be available at launch for 59€ including the back plate. Nvidia Titan Black solutions will also be available for 79€ including back plate.

For customers looking for blocks for non-reference cards or cards that we have not already covered with the standard blocks there is now the option to send your card into Alphacool. By using state of the art 3D scanning technology to measure your GPU Alphacool can custom make you a cooling plate. As a reward for sending the card in Alphacool will send the customer a free cooling set for their GPU (Plate, block and back plate). The GPU cooler will also be added to the product range so other customers with the same card can also purchase the block.

Alphacool will also be producing a unique “multi-bridge” connection system for customer’s with more than one GPU. The bridge will effortlessly connect the waterblocks as well as letting the customer illuminate the Alphacool logo with 5mm LED’s.

To support the modding community Alphacool will be publishing the dimensions of the “multi-bridge” cover so you have the ability to make your own. Also if there is enough demand for a specific brand or logo Alphacool will be making custom covers available.

For more information, visit Alphacool.com]this page.
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This is very cool.... I hope it works out and I hope it only costs about the same as a full cover block. Anymore... this idea maybe too expensive.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
This idea could work. It's a kind of a cooling tailor. You send them your card, and tell them what kind of temps you want, and what kind of clocks you want to sustain, and they'll tailor a cooler for the card, fit it, and send it back.
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It looks like swiftech solution of universal waterblock + unibody heatsink but more personalized. I like how if you send them a card you will get one with a cooler back free if I read that correctly, at least if I was near them.
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Sp33d Junki3
That is great looking. Clean yet aggressive.
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Great idea. It seems though that the key ingredient is them needing a card to fit the block to. You would think that AMD, nVidia, and the board partners would be willing to send them one of any card they make if they would make a block for it. It's not like in the overall scheme of things the cost for a dozen, or so, cards is much compared to the market they are catering to. What's it cost for a single print ad? I'm sure far more than a handful of cards.
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Well this is fantastic! What a good idea. This should knock a few £ off every GPU upgrade. Not sure that I understood the price correctly though, 59 euros for a GTX 750 kit. Is that the full kit? If so this is even better.
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