Wednesday, May 14th 2014

Buffalo Unveils New, Compact USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Buffalo Inc. today announced the RUF3-PS Series, a new family of flash drives that feature USB 3.0 connectivity and a minuscule body that sticks out only 5.2 mm while plugged in. Buffalo's drives come in three color versions - silver, black and red, and offer transfer speeds of up to 121 MB/s.

The RUF3-PS Series will be available at first in Japan, at the end of this month, in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB capacities. Prices go from 2,100 yen (~ 21 USD) to 8,900 yen (~ 87 USD).
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6 Comments on Buffalo Unveils New, Compact USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Constantine Yevseyev
Did science gone so far, or is it just another USB 3.0 Card Reader w/ pre-installed SDHC card in it?
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What a concept! Who would have ever thought that people don't want 2" long, easily breakable devices sticking out the front/side of the PC or Laptop?
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Great. I like it. You can leave it connected to the device without fear of knocking it, breaking it, damaging the port, etc. But so small, easily lost, needs a hole to attach a lanyard. If it's fast, then it could also be used as a boot/internal drive on those PCs with internal USB ports, so often seen on microserver boards like supermicro.
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I've broken a USB port by running into it with my knee and breaking a USB pen drive also in that same process :(
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Yes! new and compact!

until you lose it.
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Looks good but, way to small for me, Im really liking the new combo drives that have both mini USB and USB 3.0 with a keyring that's the way to go.
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