Monday, May 19th 2014

HighPoint Launches the RocketStor 5411A USB 3.0 Storage Dock

HighPoint Technologies, a pioneering force in the storage industry for over 18 years, announces the release of its latest USB 3.0 Storage Dock - the RocketStor 5411A. The RocketStor 5411A delivers a Premium USB 3.0 feature set at the industry's most affordable price point; it is the easiest and quickest way to add high-speed, multi-terabyte SATA storage to any computer with USB support.

The RocketStor 5411A supports any industry standard SATA SSD and hard drive! It fully compatible with any performance level; from SATA 1 to SATA III, supports 3.5" and 2.5" form factors, and can handle disks of any capacity including the latest 6TB models. The RocketStor 5411A can be used with any PC or Mac system with USB ports, is fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.0 connectors, and requires no driver or additional software to setup - just plug and go.
The RocketStor 5411A supports:
  • Any SATA SSD and hard drive!
  • Any performance level: SATAI, II and III.
  • 3.5" and 2.5" drive sizes
  • Any capacity, including the latest 6TB models
  • Any PC or Mac with a USB port
Dedicated 5Gb/s Performance
The dedicated USB 3.0 and SATA III controllers ensure the fastest performance possible over a USB connection. The dedicated 5Gb/s transfer bandwidth is ideal for today's fastest SATA SSD's and hard drives.

UASP Performance Boost
The RocketStor 5411A is fully UASP compliant and is designed to maximize the performance capability of USB 3.0 devices. UAS (USB Attached SCSI) is a computer protocol that is used to transfer data to and from USB storage devices and can handle multiple data transfer requests simultaneously, unlike the slower queue system of BOT (Bulk Only Transport), which only provides single-task commands - each task must complete before the next begins. USB 3.0 connections working in UASP mode result in higher transfer speeds and lower CPU utilization.

SMART Green Energy Ready: Automatically Spins down the drive when there is no I/O activity or the System enters Sleep Mode

The RocketStor 5411A supports common Power Management features provided by Windows and OS X operating systems, such as Sleep Mode. The RocketRAID 5411A and the hosted drive will enter a low-power state when the operating system enters standby or sleep modes, in order to conserve energy and maintain optimal efficiency.
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