Monday, May 26th 2014

Streacom Showcasing Its First Gaming Case at Computex 2014

Streacom will unveil their first gaming case with powerful cooling capabilities for standard sized components at Computex 2014 in Taipei, from 3rd to 7th of June. On booth J0505 at the Ground Floor in the Nangang exhibition hall, Streacom will also show a new chassis for Intel's NUC which brings a whole new meaning to the idea of customization.

Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, is a great opportunity companies in the IT business to show new and innovative products to the world. This year, Streacom will unveil their first chassis that is designed for gaming, while staying within the usual HiFi width for AV products. The F12C is an elegant, yet powerful chassis for the living room, which suits perfectly to an existent HiFi environment. The case has been designed to take standard sized PC components, such as video cards with 30 cm length, ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, up to four 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" SSDs and radiators for CPU and GPU cooling. For a full list of specifications, visit our booth at Computex or if you cannot attend the exhibition, take a look at our Facebook page at

The Streacom F12C Steam Box is not the only new product at Computex 2014. Streacom will also be showing a next generation chassis for Intel's NUC platform, which offers superb, fanless cooling capabilities and re-defines the meaning of the idea of customization. You might never need another NUC chassis after the NC3 - more details during Computex. Of course you will be able to take a close look at our existing product line-up at Computex, with live demonstrations of the new F12C, the fanless FC8 Evo running AMD's new AM1 platform, new poser supplies and a new, easy to use remote solution.
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Where's the Streacom DB4? I've been waiting since last year.
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From the Streacom Facebook page regarding DB4:
"Last year at Computex we previewed to the world our DB4, a case that we felt pushed the boundaries of ‘what a case could look like’ and even how it should be assembled and function. At the time we expected to release it by the end of the year, but of course that timeframe has come and gone.

With that in mind, it was important that we now share with you why the DB4 has not been released and what the plan is now. With the surge in demand that we experienced last year, we realized that we needed to overhaul our backend, the supply chain and manufacturing partners that we had simply could not handle the demand. So over the past 8 months we have been focusing not on the development of products, but the infrastructure we needed to ensure we can supply quality products with stable lead times. The priority has therefore been on existing products and production processes. With the DB4 requiring a new range of production methods and processes, we were simply unable to devote any resource to its development or put it into the production phase.

This is a huge disappointment for us and we are truly sorry for all those customers who have been eagerly waiting for its release, but it’s also not the end of the road for the DB4. We still strongly believe it’s an important product to release, and whilst we don’t have a timeframe for this to happen, we do plan to pick up on the development some time this year. We cannot say exactly when that will happen, but be assured, it is going to happen. As soon as we have more detailed information on the matter, we will lit you know."
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Thank you, both. Embarassingly I had an unread reply from Streacom's customer support in my swamped mailbox which said exactly that, that I only discovered today. As late as December 2013 they replied that it would launch Q1 or Q2 2014. Well, looking forward to it, whenever it launches.
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Yeh, disappointing, but still hoping it does happen some time soon
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