Thursday, May 29th 2014

Apacer Unveiling New SSD Data Security Technologies at Computex 2014

The world-leading industrial SSD manufacturer, Apacer,presents a mass of SSD data security protection technologies at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014, which upgrades SSD value-added technology - once again. To achieve comprehensive secure data storage, Apacer drives the evolution of the original CoreSecurity technology and launches Boot Protect security function with strengthened protection management, which can be activated immediately by the UrKey, a USB-based 2 way dongle for data protection.

Furthermore, the seamless wide-temp waterproof industrial SSDs, groundbreaking MLC-mix technology enabling combination with MLC chips and PCIe Adapters will all be unveiled at this exhibition, innovating SSD applications.

Jeff Lin, the Embedded Application Business Unit Director of Apacer, indicates that, "Apacer's consistent focus on innovation and security is broadened by multiple innovative industrial applications and security protection technologies, e.g. Boot Protect, UrKey, and the seamlessly waterproof corrosion-resistant SSD with IP57 certification, which is accessible and well-functioned even at extreme temperature as low as -40°C and provides high protection for durability and stability. It meets the stringent needs of military vessels and aerospace needs in the field of national defense."

Boot Protect identifies Access Code before entering the OS, thus managing data security within single or multiple partitions and multi-users and ensuring protection at the frontline. The newly released UrKey a USB-based 2 way dongle is able to execute the three powerful functions of CoreEraser, CoreDestroyer and CoreProtector simply with current USB slots, providing the optimal data security protection.

"In addition to security, costs considerations are also necessary," adds Jeff Lin. Thus, Apacer is going to present the full series of MLC-mix products, where SSD will be configured as a large-capacity mix embedding both MLC and SLC-lite. The lifespan will be six times longer in the SLC-lite solution than MLC, and the transmission will speed up about 2 times faster. It is the optimal solution to replace the one with solely-MLC capacity with its advantage in high-speed, lifespan and large capacity.

Apart from the new technologies above, a variety of PCIe Adapters will also be showcased. Adopting adapter board design,these products are capable of flexibly transforming transmission signals as well as expanding capacity, including mini PCIe to M.2, PCIe to mini PCIe and PCIe to SATA interfaces, with speed up to 1000 MB/sec.In addition, many SSDs with the latest specifications will also be presented at the venue, including SATA 3 and PCIe products. Welcome to visit our booth and enjoy your experience.
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