Monday, June 2nd 2014

Intel "Devil's Canyon" 9-series Chipset Exclusive?

Intel's next socket LGA1150 quad-core processors for overclockers, namely the Core i7-4790K and the Core i7-4690K, codenamed "Devil's Canyon," could be exclusive to motherboards based on the 9-series chipset. For overclockers, the choices would hence narrow down to motherboards based on the Z97 Express chipset. Marketing material distributed to retailers ahead of the processors' mid-June launch, mention "Devil's Canyon" to be supported by "new Intel 9 series chipset," while the same material detailing unlocked Pentium 20th Anniversary Edition mention it to be supported by "both Intel 8 and 9 series chipset."

Intel not mentioning that for "Devil's Canyon" is leading some to speculate that it won't be supported by motherboards running 8-series chipset, notably Z87 Express. For overclockers with expensive Z87 motherboards such as the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme, Gigabyte Z87X SOC, and MSI Z87 MPower MAX, this could spell trouble. Based on binned "Haswell Refresh" silicon, "Devil's Canyon" chips are special, in that they feature enhanced on-package electricals that can tolerate higher current; an enhanced thermal interface material between the die and the integrated heatspreader (IHS), enhanced LGA contact points, and increased voltage and thermal limits.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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Devil's Canyon is confirmed to work on both 8 and 9 series chipset motherboards. It's just an ME update on the motherboard's side as TDP goes up from 84 to 88W on the two K SKU CPUs.
Broadwell doesn't work on 8-series but that's next year June.
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There's a beta bios for the Hero that says it supports the new chips.
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Update bios and it will work.
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Not just the Hero BTW, also the Impact, MVIE- and others claim support for these in the latest 1504 BIOS that came out.
non-ROG series with the 2003 BIOS
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I have seen bios update on all Z87 mobos from asus and others.
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BIOS Asus Impact Z87- Page Link

MAXIMUS VI IMPACT BIOS 1504 - Direct Download link

Enhance compatibility for new Anniversary Edition and Devil's Canyon CPU.
Note: Must apply the attached BIOS updater tool first before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors."

Looks like a BIOS update will be all you need. I get the suspense but I think its a little too late, the cat is out of the bag. ;)
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be a pisser if they do this.

as said most z87 mobo have already had bios updates for new cpu. we are just not sure which cpu that was :/
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8 Series Does Support Devils Canyon i7-4790K

Example My DZ87KLT-75K had Devils Canyon Support Since The Initial Official Release BIOS 0336 When The Board Was First Released Last Year

Plus most of the above mentioned motherboards support the devils canyon according to Intel's website, just check in Intel's website below

No worries, i got my eyes on the i7-4790K to replace my i7-4770K
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My name is Dave
I'd call that pretty official.

The weird thing to me is the chipsets that don't have OC support. :p Funny, those.
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Asus released a beta Bios supporting these CPUs yesterday i think.
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