Monday, June 2nd 2014

Gigabyte Shows off its APEX Gaming Desktop

Riding on the success of its NUC-competitive BRIX line of compact desktops, Gigabyte is beginning to take renowned interest in pre-built boutique desktops. Its latest creation, the APEX, is the company's flagship gaming desktop barebone chassis, designed in a never before seen form-factor that competes with next-generation gaming consoles in size, but offers several times more raw CPU and GPU computing power. The APEX is roughly as tall as a micro-ATX tower, but half as slim. It can embed mini-ITX (or even micro-ATX) motherboards, supporting high-end CPUs, perhaps even Core i7 "Devil's Canyon." The chassis uses risers to hold long (we're talking R9 290 series long) graphics cards, so you can choose between high-end cards such as the R9 290X and the GTX TITAN Black. It will take advantage of space-saving fast storage solutions, such as M.2 and mSATA.
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I can't find any other info/pictures of this. Even on Gigabyte's website. I hope they release more information on this soon :) Just curious. It looks pretty cool.
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