Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

AVADirect Introduces Desktops Featuring Intel's Unlocked Haswell Processors

The moment AVADirect began to walk down the road of partnership with Intel, they immediately recognized how special said path would be. As unique as it was (and still is) AVADirect felt it a necessary step in the right, collaborative direction. As Intel is creating an enthusiast following through ground-breaking processor technology, and AVADirect following suit with their one-of-a-kind custom configurations, enthusiasts begin to see a wonderment of high-end solutions unfold. That being said, the reveal of Intel's new, refreshed, unlocked 4th Generation Intel desktop processors makes the perfect addition to AVADirect' armament of Gaming, Performance, and mini-Desktop configurations.

These new Unlocked Intel processors means unlimited potential, and decreased limitations toward advantageous performance that, what was once industry standard, will burn a hole in your competition through smooth-playing gunfire, rather than your system's thermals. The (code-named "Devil's Canyon") 4th Generation CPU's have gained positive press based on reduced thermal operation while under extreme overclocking modifications. What this means, exactly, is end-users/enthusiasts may no longer need to seek high-end cooling solutions (closed-loop/custom liquid cooling) to acquire desirable temperatures while under full load, overclocked, and pushed to the max. This could very well be a new industry standard, coming of age, and (once again) with Intel's leading products for those who wish to utilize the latest processor technologies to their greatest benefit.
When asked about what AVADirect thought about the release of Intel Unlocked 4th Generation Intel processors, they replied: "As an Intel Platinum Partner, working with new Intel technology is always very exciting for us. At the core of each performance configuration, Intel processors exist to drive bandwidth, performance, and expandability which is necessary for AVADirect Custom Solutions to succeed. We set the bar exceptionally high for expectations toward every end result, and Intel's processor technology doesn't skip a beat. Now, that is amazing!"

AVADirect is no stranger introducing value into every custom-built configuration offered. A solid price-to-performance ratio can make or break any configuration, and AVADirect prefers to break benchmarks, not an enthusiast's bank. The latest unlocked 4th Generation Intel SKUs will most definitely give AVADirect another bleeding-edge technology to aid in their goal of high quality custom-built configurations that offer a wide variety of component options, style, and uncompromisable quality. Intel's new K CPUs are offered in all supported Z97 chipset configurations. Don't delay, use these Intel 4th generation overclockable CPU's today!
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