Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Panram Introduces the USB 2.0 World Cup Drive

The World Cup that comes only once every 4 years will start on June 2014. Top players all over the world will gather in Brazil to compete in the prestigious game. Panram has prepared six limited edition USBs that sport the national flags of the representing teams: Brazil, France, Italy, Spain,Argentina, and Australia. You can store data while cheering for your team with Panram's limited edition World Cup Drive.

USB2.0 plug & play, special UV printing for long-lasting color. 8 GB memory capacity, great price and value collection.
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4 Comments on Panram Introduces the USB 2.0 World Cup Drive

USB 2.0 and 8GB.
Is it really for World Cup 2014 and not 2010? I think all teams where also in World Cup 2010. Maybe they didn't sold many USB's back then and they are trying to sell them again now?
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The Spanish one is the one to get obviously. All the others will make you feel good but eventually come second best, and who wants second best anyway?
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Next time they better have a USB 3.0 with the Greek flag on it.

Sorry for the off topic. :D
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