Wednesday, May 23rd 2018

ADATA Unveils the UV240 USB Flash Drive

ADATA today launched the UV240 USB Flash drive, adding to its extensive range of portable storage devices. The UV240 works in USB 2.0 and is offered in capacities up to 64 GB. It features a convenient flip-cap capless design alongside a quick-slide mechanism for maximum usability.

ADATA remains committed to its USB Flash drive global leadership role and will continue releasing new models as market needs evolve. ADATA designers have long preferred USB Flash drives with no cap, as with such a design there is less clutter and fewer parts to potentially misplace. The UV240 utilizes a convenient flip-cap design, which does not only prevent you from misplacing the cap, it also allows it to be easily opened with the flick of a thumb. This intuitive design helps make the UV240 extremely satisfying to use on the go.
Choice of vibrant color schemes
The UV240 comes in capacities ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB* (*Black version) and arrives in white/blue, black and red. With so many color options, consumers can make a more personal choice based on their preference.

Like most ADATA USB flash drives, the UV240 has a dedicated hook for securing it to a strap, lanyard, keychain or other attachments. This further boosts it portability and reduces the chances of misplacing drives and losing valuable data. In addition, users who purchase UV240 can download the free value-added software "UFDtoGO" and "OStoGO" to enjoy true mobility and leave no trace behind when work remotely from your office.
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7 Comments on ADATA Unveils the UV240 USB Flash Drive

Cue the usb 2 haters.
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Me... I prefer using my outdated mini-USB cord... my multi-card, gotta-jiggle-em-all adapter... mini-to-SD adapter card... and a 16 gig micro SD that I got for free with some RAM. All over USB 1.

I would use this if it came free with some RAM though. :)
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natr0n said:
Cue the usb 2 haters.
USB 2.0 is too fast! All that speed scares me. I long for the days of USB 1.1, when you could while away the hours waiting for files to move. And USB 3.0 - forget it, makes my head spin, and sometimes I vomit from all that speed. I want them to bring back 8 inch floppy disks next...
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it's 2005 calling, and we want ALL of our slow-ass file transfer/storage devices back, like, NOW :)

They are all belong to us anyways....
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I bet these usb 2.0 sticks are faster than most internet in the USA.

Comcasts most popular plan you download at 14 megabytes a second. Most decent 2.0 sticks max out around 30 ish megabytes a sec.

It makes you wonder.
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seems ADATA had some left over unsold drives gathering dust. ADD a new case and an updated [over] price increase to pay for the new case. Poof here we are talking about USA internet speeds that we pay an arm and leg for mediocre service. :shadedshu:
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