Friday, June 13th 2014

QNAP Releases McAfee Antivirus for Turbo NAS

QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced the release of McAfee Antivirus for Turbo NAS systems. Available now with a limited-time special offer, QNAP users can protect their data using a world-leading antivirus solution that stays up-to-date with the latest virus definitions and can also heal infected files.

The threat of a virus infecting and corrupting data is a real and all too often harsh reality for both businesses and home users alike. With a subscription to McAfee Antivirus, QNAP users can ensure their data stays protected from viruses, heal currently-infected files and receive the latest definitions to combat present & future virus threats.
"Security is an important part of any NAS deployment since these heavily trafficked devices contain proprietary information which needs protecting," said Thomas Moore, vice president of worldwide embedded sales at McAfee. "McAfee Antivirus stops malware before it can reach mission-critical data and scans every file that is added or modified on the storage system and safely quarantines all infected files in real-time. McAfee is working with QNAP to provide their users with a complete antivirus solution that will help safeguard their files and data from a potential virus infection."

McAfee Antivirus is available for Turbo NAS with a limited-time special offer. Customers can sign up for one year's subscription to McAfee Antivirus for $15.00 (normally $25.00) and two years for $30.00 (normally $50.00). A free 30-day trial is also available for Turbo NAS users. (All prices are in United States Dollars.)

"McAfee is one of the world's most renowned names in providing security solutions and Turbo NAS users will be able to further protect their data by signing up for a McAfee Antivirus subscription," says Jerome Jaussaud, product manager of QNAP."With our limited-time special offer, this complete antivirus protection is well within the budget of any user who values the safety of their files &data."

McAfee Antivirus is available from the QTS 4.1 App Center on Turbo NAS systems. For more details and to subscribe to the McAfee Antivirus service, users can visit the QNAP License Store.
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4 Comments on QNAP Releases McAfee Antivirus for Turbo NAS

so how its performance on NAS?
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Hose your NAS even easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I need a QNAP after reading this... :(
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Semi-Retired Folder
Cool, the perfect thing for an underpowered NAS device is putting one of the most bloated resource hungry AVs possible on it!
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Step right up, folks! Yes, now your QNAP Turbo NAS can feel as sluggish as your desktop PC with a new McAfee AntiVirus subscription. And let's not forget that false sense of security when malware walks right past McAfee AV without even a squawk.
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